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Basic Self Defense Styles!

Many of us nowadays are beginning to understand as we become older, how tough life can really be. Even as a teenagers we face peer pressure, bullying, and 4 out of every 5 of us have been victimized somehow. Defend yourself!

This is my first article. It's planned to be a long stream of articles written about 4 different self defense styles I'll be teaching those willing to learn. This is the most basic article and that is why it is the first. It touches upon reasons to begin this program along with why they are doing this etc.

My name is Jonathan Stehlik by the way.

You've probably heard of me through some of the old workouts I use to proclaim, but now I've been asked by my good bud J (Big Red) to write some articles on the true essence of learning and being proficient in self defense. Not only does self defense help us protect ourselves, but we also can transform our bodies into strong lethal weapons with the proper training. Through the next many months I plan on coaching you through what will be a transformation of your outlook and self-confidence, along with the way you see the world. So for those of you who want to change the way you view life, and become that lethal weapon who can protect yourself and those your love, read on.

Many of us nowadays are beginning to understand as we become older, how tough life can really be. Even as a teenagers we face peer pressure, bullying, and 4 out of every 5 of us have been victimized somehow. For instance, why are we at this website now? We want to become stronger, look better, and attract the opposite sex. We only want to better ourselves so that our lives can go through a higher quality of living and we can enjoy ourselves more so. But often, there are those(more so now than ever) that won't come to the realization that they need to change, and they could by working out and getting help. Instead, they keep things inside themselves and blame everyone including God for their problems and shortcomings, when they themselves are the only reason they are not achieving what they want to. These people are the type who hate everyone and everything that is positive for others or those they envy. These people get so upset about life and how they have PLOM syndrome. PLOM syndrome means Poor Little Old Me syndrome and it can come in many forms. Many times its emotional abuse, physical abuse, and mental abuse in the past or present. This is a terrible tragedy that is affecting our world right now, but we are here because we can change our view and become better people.

Unfortunately the people that never change and won't change want to deprive us of anything that would be good for us or our family and friends. They want nothing good to happen to any of us and so they take what they can't have and try to take what we have. These people only want our bodies, our lives, or our families and possessions. With the future of America and the world begging to show its true colors I think we need to be prepared for what could happen around us in the current future. This article is my begging of a long stream of knowledge I will give you on how you can protect those you love and be your own bodyguard. You have already taken the first steps to changing yourself by coming to this website in order to grow as a person and have grown stronger intellectually and gained maturity and responsibility. These techniques and examples are not to be taken lightly. They are time tested and they are deadly. For those who just want to use this knowledge to impose your will upon others, it's your mistake because God will pay you back for all that you have done to others. For those of you who want to have self confidence and the feeling of freedom from any attacker/s whom might try to hurt you or others I will give you the start that you need to become a great fighter.

I have taken many martial arts styles and have grown to understand which do and don't work in a real life situation. Do you simply want to win trophies yet have no idea how to fight the skilled punk boxer who has just threatened you along with sexual comments towards your frightened girlfriend. If I were you, I'd want to rip that punk's head off so fast he couldn't make one move.

The styles are high kicking such as tae kwon do, some karates, and judo. These will not keep you alive in a life or death situation depending upon how you train in them. When you rechamber the hand in order to punch harder that only leaves many openings for the speedy boxer or professional grappler to tackle your legs or jab you 5 times in the face. Sure these styles might look great with all the fancy high kicking and screaming, but if you tried to use those techniques in a real fight you'd be dead or seriously injured in a matter of seconds vs. any crazed bigger than you maniac.

After all my searching for the best applicable martial arts I have chosen 5 arts that when combined or understood and practiced can dominate any attacker who is stupid enough to mess with you. The style's I'm going to slowly teach you over a period of 1 year or more will be these special ones I've chosen and am learning. I will teach them in order from the one I feel is a good base, to the techniques of others you can work on and then combine to find the best fighter in you, along with learning and understanding how your body fights and making these styles work for you in your own way. These style's I'm presenting you are tried and tested. They aren't fancy smancy bullcrap that will get you dominated, they are sometimes awesome looking, usually fast and deadly arts that will give you the edge over any opponent as long as you train hard.

These styles I will be teaching you are Kenpo Karate (the movie The Perfect Weapon) Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino martial arts, Krav Maga (Israeli commandos style) and Systema (the System, used by Russian spetznaz and secret KGB cops). These systems are in my opinion the most street based and lethal fighting systems around right now. They each bring something different to the table and when used correctly are unstoppable.

Now that I have talked for quite some time, I'd like to start you off with a small workout I'd like you to perform 2 days a week in order to get your body ready for the types of workouts and techniques I will be showing you. The workout will last 20 minutes.

  • 5 minutes stretching. Make sure you stretch very well otherwise you'll suffer an injury easily.
  • 5 minutes conditioning. Do 1 minute of jumping jacks, 3 sets of 25 pushups,
  • 3 sets of 25 crunches. Remember you must do this very intensely. I'd recommend you put on some of your favorite music in order to motivate your workouts.
  • The final 10 minutes will be split into basic punching and kicking movements.
  • Remember, these are the basics. Without a solid foundation you cannot advance into the techniques I will be showing you.
First, Perform 25 alternating punches. Remember that when you punch, you should strike towards the solar plexus. Imagine an evil person or whatever you want but aim at the solar plexus. Do not, I repeat! Do not chamber the hand at your waist when punching. This not only loses time but this will get you hurt in a real fight. Instead, with the style of the basic boxer, hold your hands in front of your body. I will go much further into stances in my next article which will be done in a few days, but I want you guys to get conditioned first and get the simple movements down. As for the kicking, just practice swinging your leg up high in the air, and do it also in a sidekick motion. Remember that you're not practicing kicks, but only swing the leg. This is to enhance flexibility and balance. So for now.. good luck to those of you who will be following my program and I'll be back soon with an article on stances and basic movements of Kenpo. For those of you who don't want to delve into the martial arts. Good luck, you'll need it someday. If you'd like to contact me you can reach me on aim name classic skills or at

PS: I'd like to comment on that last article entitled something like "How to Fight" etc. I really think that article does more harm then good. Along with not even teaching any basic technique. It was written horribly and wasn't even worth posting. No half page article that doesn't go in depth on martial arts can teach nothing whatsoever. I hope next time you don't try to look big, and you actually put some thought into something important before you try to show others what is conducts. How would you have time to be a super martial artist when your getting your green beret anyways?