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Get Your Motivation Back On Track!

I want you to be as motivated as you were when you started. Read on and learn many unique ideas to get your motivation back on track!

Do you remember what got you motivated to start bodybuilding? Did you feel eager to make a change in your life after watching an infamous Rocky movie? Was it a family member who you looked up to that you wanted to be like?

Whatever the case may be, the most important thing is that you started on your bodybuilding quest. You have probably stumbled a few times and considered if it was all worth it. If this is the case, you could use some motivation to help you continue with your bodybuilding future.

Useful Motivational Tools

I want you to be as motivated as you were when you started. Read on and learn many unique ideas to get your motivation back on track!

-> Learning About Yourself:

    Learning more about yourself is a good start to getting your motivation to it's peak. You need to know personally what things can send inspiration and eagerness running through your veins. If it was a family member that originally inspired you, then maybe you can talk with that person and ask what motivates them.

What Is Your Motivation For Training?

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    If your inspiration came from a movie, you could watch that particular film until it gets imbedded into your mind. You need to find out what motivates you. Once you do this, it's all up to you to carry out those particular things in order to get your head in the right mindset.

-> Inspirational Quotes:

    One of my favorite tools for getting motivated is to repeat an inspirational quote over and over again in my head. I prefer not to use these during sets because instead of getting pumped up for my sets, I like to stay focused.

    Times that I say these quotes would be right when I wake up, during meals that I don't enjoy, before I head out to the gym, in between sets to keep me going, and any other time when I need motivation to carry on with my bodybuilding lifestyle.

    Some Of My Favorite Quotes

      "Show them why your number one!"
      "Make them want to be you!"
      "You cant grow like a champ if you eat like a chump!"

    While the last one is obviously for eating purposes, the other two I use for any other obstacle that needs extra motivation to cross over.

-> Music:

    The right kinds of music can get you very motivated to make a difference in your life. I can't count how many times a motivating song has kept me from cheating on my diet. During times of boredom, I just felt like eating lots of junk food. I just listened to music while thinking about how it would set back my bodybuilding goals. In the end, with the help of music, I would decide against cheating on my diet.

The Power Of Music!
No doubt about it, music is a powerful tool and one that should be taken advantage of. At the same time, music should be used judiciously for optimal performance.
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    Music can also be used during your workouts. Some gyms already have music playing, but you can bring headphones if you want to listen to something else. If you train at home, a CD player with your favorite songs can make a big impact on your workout. Sometimes a simple song can pump you up and make the difference between one or two reps in an important set.

-> Setting Goals:

    Setting goals is a great way to jump-start your motivation. Both short and long-term goals are beneficial in doing so. Your goals should be realistic to what you think you can accomplish in a given period of time. Set your goals slightly high. Even if you don't reach them in the amount of time you set, you will still be better off compared to when you started out.

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    You can set goals on your training program, diet, sleep patterns, or just about anything else that is related to bodybuilding. Before you workout, look over your goals and know what you have to do to reach them.

    If your goals are diet related, you should look over them before putting any food in your mouth. Make sure that everything you do will positively affect your chances at accomplishing your goals.

-> Finding A Workout Partner:

    Training Partner Finding a good workout partner isn't as easy as you might think. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a potential workout partner.

    • Your schedules match.
    • You share the same goals.
    • You do the same exercises.
    • Your split is designed the same.
    • Your weights that you use are closely related (less loading and unloading).
    • Your partner is just as motivated as you are.
    • Your partner knows how to spot and motivate you when you need it.

    You wont feel the urge to talk with your partner about things that aren't related to bodybuilding while training. As you can see, finding the right workout partner is not an easy task. Once you find a training partner, you will immediately feel the difference in your workouts. Your partner will motivate you to train harder, and you will become more intense during your sessions.

Picking The Perfect Training Partner!
Picking a training partner should not be a difficult task. The great thing about a workout partner is, you don't need to have a partner who is the same sex or age. Here is a great list to be aware of when looking for a training partner.
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    You will try to train harder than your workout partner and you will both become motivated from each other's drive and intensity. Also, you will miss fewer workouts because you know that your partner will be counting on you to train with him.


I have introduced you to several techniques to get your motivation on track. It is up to YOU to motivate yourself and reach a whole new level in your training. The most important thing is to stay focused. Know what needs to be done and get it done. Use the information above to get your motivation back on track!

Applied Knowledge is Power!