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Contest Preparation For The 2005 NPC Teen Nationals - Week Two!

After I saw how fast my body matured in the past several months, I decided that I should go ahead and compete in the 2005 NPC Teen Nationals. Follow me on my journey to glory!

Several weeks before competing in the 2004 INBF Wisconsin Championships, I decided that my next competition would be the 2005 NPC Teen Nationals. I had always thought that I should wait until I was 18 years old to compete in the Teen Nationals because I thought it would take that long to have a chance at winning the show.

After I saw how fast my body matured in the past several months, I decided that I should go ahead and compete in the 2005 NPC Teen Nationals.

Whenever I make the decision to compete in a competition, I always train and enter the competition thinking that I am going to win. If you ever train for a competition thinking that you aren't going to win, then you simply won't.

You have to make a plan, execute it, and be optimistic that you will come out on top. If you have the wrong mind set at the beginning of your preparation for the competition or anything for that matter, the end result won't be as great. If you believe in yourself, good things will happen.

Since I know that the majority of the people reading this article are beginners, I will make sure to go over everything that I am doing, even if it seems obvious to those that have been around bodybuilding a long time. If I leave anything out or if you have any questions, feel free to email me at:


I will first start with talking about training. My training split is as follows:

    Day 1 - Chest, Calves
    Day 2 - Back, Abs
    Day 3 - Rest or continue on to Day 4
    Day 4 - Shoulders, Traps
    Day 5 - Triceps, Biceps, Calves
    Day 6 - Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes
    Day 7 - Rest
    Day 8 - Repeat

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This split is designed to allow me to focus on two or three muscle groups per day and after each muscle group is hit hard, it is given 6-7 days of rest until it is worked again. The two exceptions to this are abs and calves. These muscle groups recover quicker than other muscle groups and are able to be worked more often.

For each large muscle group, I do 12-16 sets and for each small muscle group, I do 9-12 sets. The only exceptions to this are when I work abs and traps. These are smaller muscle groups and don't need as much attention as the bigger ones.

For my rep range, I try to keep it anywhere from 6-12 on most exercises. Sometimes I will go higher and every now and then I will go lower. I find that different rep ranges work different body parts better than others.

My legs respond better to slightly higher reps (10-12) and my upper body, not including my abs, usually responds better to lower reps (around 8). I almost always change up my rep range slightly from workout to workout.

When I am training, I go all out on every set (not including warm-up sets). If I think there is a 50:50 chance that I am able to do another rep, I will always attempt it. It varies, but I usually reach failure at least several times during a workout.


For my diet, I try to take in lots of protein, lots of carbohydrates, and a good amount of fat. Here is an example of one day of my diet. Keep in mind that this is just one day and it changes from day to day.

Meal 1 2 egg yolks
9 egg whites
1 ? cups of oatmeal
16 oz water
Meal 2 4 oz turkey
2 small red potatoes
Medium banana
Meal 3 4 oz chicken on brown bread
4 oz chicken
1 medium red potato
Brown rice
16 oz water
Meal 4 1 can of tuna on brown bread
2/3 cup of oatmeal
Brown rice
16 oz water
Meal 5
1 ? scoops of Optimum Whey
1 banana
Meal 6
A little over 2 scoops of Optimum Whey
60 grams of dextrose
1 TBSP of Gplenish Glutagain
Meal 7
(post-workout 2)
1 ? scoops of Optimum Whey
1 medium white potato
Meal 8 Two 95% lean hamburgers on a wheat bun
16 oz milk
Meal 9 4 oz chicken
Brown rice
12 oz water
Meal 10 1 cup of cottage cheese

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I will now walk you through why I chose every food in my diet.

Meal 1

I chose eggs for breakfast because they have one of the highest biological values of the protein contained in them (93.7%). They are a very lean protein source when you take out some of the egg yolks and are easy to prepare.

Oatmeal is in there because it serves as a great carbohydrate source and has lots of fiber. When you eat lots of food, you can easily get plugged up. Eating as much oatmeal as I do allows my body to be on a regular schedule and I don't suffer from stomach aches or being bloated.

Water is in my diet for obvious reasons. Everything needs water to survive and everyone should strive to take in as much water as possible. Taking in lots of water flushes out your system, dispels toxins from your body, and keeps you hydrated. A large water intake is also essential for healthy kidneys.

Meal 2

Meal two is a lot smaller than most of my other meals (not including pre or post workout meals or the meal before bed). The reason for this is because this meal is eaten before 3rd and 4th hour at school. School will be out in several weeks and I will be able to revise my diet then. This meal is ok until that time and is definitely not lacking in anything.

The turkey is a good source of protein and the potatoes are a great source of carbs as well as lots of vitamins and minerals. The banana is there to keep my insulin up and the weight coming on. A lot of people make the mistake of not continuously gaining weight during their off-season. To ensure that your muscles are constantly growing, the weight should constantly be going up on the scale.

The banana is also there because fruit is great for you and also because I need foods to cut out for when I start to diet down. I can't have my diet be made up of pre-contest foods only. I need my body to get used to taking in foods that aren't completely clean so when I cut down for my competition, I will be cleaning up my diet and losing weight.

Meal 3

Meal three has lots of protein and lots of carbs. This meal is eaten right after PE, so it has a little more carbs than most of my other meals.

Meal 4

Meal four is eaten a little over an hour before my workout. This meal again has lots of protein and carbs.

Meal 5

Meal five is consumed a little over a half hour before my workout. This is a pre-workout meal and gives my body nutrients to use during my workout, but the main reason for this meal is simply to add more protein and carbs to my diet.

Meal 6

Immediately after my workout, I take in 65 grams of protein and 60 grams of dextrose. The protein and carbs are both quick digesting for my body to use as quickly as possible.

The carbs are to fill up my muscle glycogen and to spike my insulin to drive nutrients into my muscles. The protein of course is for muscle building purposes.

Meal 7

A half an hour later, I consume another post-workout meal. My first post-workout meal is almost digested by now and I want to put more protein and carbs in my body for it to use. It is very important to take in lots of food after your workouts because there is a "window of opportunity" to repair and rebuild your muscles.

Meal 8

Meal eight is what my family has for dinner. It is almost always healthy (except for sometimes on the weekends) and always provides my body with at least 40 grams of protein.

Meal 9

Meal 9 is just another meal with protein and carbs that make up the majority of the calories. This meal is eaten close to bedtime, so sometimes I will take out the brown rice depending on how late it is and how I feel.

Meal 10

Before bed, I consume meal ten. Cottage cheese contains casein protein, which digests very slow in my body. This allows my body to be digesting protein even while I sleep through the night!

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This meal is very small because my body is already filled up with all the food that I have eaten earlier in the day. This meal shouldn't be very large because there won't be any opportunities afterwards to burn off the calories or use them for physical activity.

That was an example of a diet on a training day and a day where I decided not to "cheat" on my diet. I don't really have a specific diet, but I follow something similar to the one above every day. On rest days, I take out the pre-workout and post-workout shakes.

"Cheat" Days

The weekends and rest days are the days that I usually decide to "cheat" on my diet. I usually cheat about 2-3 days a week and about 1-2 cheat foods on the day depending on how I feel. I almost always have pizza and ice cream every week. I cheat depending on how I look and how I feel.

If I am not gaining any weight and forcing down clean food isn't working, I will cheat with more calorie dense foods to get over the small plateau. My body usually isn't affected very much by cheating and after following my bodies changes the past few weeks, I've discovered its pattern.

After cheating on the weekends, I usually look pretty bad, but my weight increases. My weight stays the same during the weekdays (when I don't cheat) and my body starts to look better and better every day.

Then I cheat on the weekends again and it goes to how I looked the weekend before, only I gained weight in the process. Figuring out how your body reacts is one of the most important things in bodybuilding. If certain foods or exercises don't work for you, simply don't use them.

Another important part of bodybuilding is to not get too wrapped up in it. Bodybuilding has the tendency to suck people in and destroy their social lives. You have to have a variety of things in your life besides just bodybuilding.

When I am going to go on vacation or have relatives visit me, I almost totally forget about bodybuilding. It might cross my mind to try to get meals in and eat a certain amount of food each day, but I don't stress over it.

The good thing about bodybuilding is that if you take a week or two off and don't do anything drastic, you can get back to where you were in a short period of time. This means that you can enjoy yourself on vacation without fearing that your years of hard work will go down the drain.

My goal throughout my bulking up is to gain about a pound a week. I want to reach at least 200 pounds by the end of my bulk. If I start to notice a big fat gain, I will change my plans and start slowing down the process. I will mostly play it by ear and follow my gut instincts rather than what's written down on paper.

Let the games begin!

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