Pre-contest Preparation: Week 5!

Week 5 went really good. I'm happier where I am at and needed to drop my carbs that extra little bit. I have to say, I went on the threads and read some comments on my articles. I love it.

Join me while I diet down for my upcoming contest. I will have week to week pictures tracking my progress, as well as week to week articles outlining my dieting process.

Contest Info

The Contest: Nova Scotia Championships
Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia
When: April 5th, 2003

My Goals

My 20th birthday is on March 14th, so I am still a junior, and I plan on looking the best I've looked yet. I have two competitions under my belt now and this will be my third. This off season was my most successful yet. I got up to 208 lbs. My strength went up in all my exercises, and I have the new stretch marks to show. I feel more confident this year than any other, however, I know there will be lots of other juniors who have worked hard and done the dieting right, and it looks to be a good competition.

All I can do is go in looking the best I possibly can, and that what I plan on doing. I am going to be keeping a week to week journal on tracking my progress. My long term goal is to enter the Canadian Championships on September 20th, 2003, where I hope to become Mr. Jr. Canada. Come watch my transformation. Here are my stats right now:

Measurements (As of 2/12/03)

Weight - 208lbs
Height - 5'10"
Max Lifts - Bench press - 315lbs for 5
Leg Press - 1035lbs for 10
Squat - 365lbs for 8