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Teen Transformation Of The Week - Ryan Fuller!

In high school, an eating disorder caused Ryan to drop weight at a rapid pace. But after battling this condition for too long, he decided to set goals and hit them head on. Read on to learn how Ryan gained 56 pounds of solid mass!

Before Before:
110 lbs
After After:
166 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Ryan Fuller
BodySpace: slaydox

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110 lbs
Body Fat: 4%
Max Bench: 150 lbs
Arms: 12"
Waist: 27"
Thighs: 19"

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 166 lbs
Body Fat: 9-10%
Max Bench: 295 lbs
Arms: 16"
Waist: 30"
Thighs: 24"

Why I Got Started

My dad was a big guy so I always wanted to grow up to be big. One year we got a bench, one of those small benches with 110 pounds of weights. Well when I was in 5th grade I would take a 10-pound weight and curl it as many times as I could for 3 sets with each arm.

That year I was hit by a truck and was in the hospital for a week plus 3 days in the intensive care unit which during that time I lost a lot of weight due to stitches in my mouth and not being able to eat.

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Ryan Fuller's Progress.

Fast forward to middle school I was told by my cardiologist I couldn't workout due to the strain on my heart but I disregarded them and continued to workout and my 3 heart conditions actually got better!

Then when I was in my junior year of high school I developed an eating disorder and shrunk down to a feeble 110 pounds and was hospitalized due to hypothermia, failing liver and a heart rate of 30 bpm. Now for someone with three pre-existing heart problems this was bad and a near brush with death.

Ryan Fuller
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I Developed An Eating Disorder.

After I got out I took my condition head on and beat it by myself with some help from a few friends and gained all the weight I had lost and got up to 166 pounds, where I am now. I started bulking in January of 2007 and hit my goal of 166 pounds in June of 2007 with 9-10% body fat!

How I Did It

I did splits, every other day it was a different body part and because of my eating disorder I became inclined in the nutrition field and used it to my advantage.

Some days I would be to lazy or just wanted to hangout with my friends so I would only get a small workout in at my house on those days, but mainly my time is spent in the weight room at school as luckily I have it for two 80-minute periods this year.

Ryan Fuller
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I Became Very Inclined In The Nutrition Field.

I got to talk to and meet a lot of people who knew their stuff like my friends Andrew and Georgie who helped me out and showed me new exercises like good mornings and helped me nail my deadlifting technique down and pushed me hard in the gym.

After getting technique down my strength excelled at a rapid pace, sometimes 20 pounds per week getting added to my bench and the scale started moving nice and steady! I used myself and others as motivation, I also had a workout partner Kenny who was dedicated and that helped me stay on track.

Ryan Fuller
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My Strength Excelled At A Rapic Pace.

Music helped me so much as I would use it to get out the last rep or hit a new max. I would have to say though my diet was a major part. Everyday as I was working out I would think to myself and set goals and continue to strive until I reached them.



My diet was the basically the same everyday with a cheat meal/day every week which help me stay on track for the following week!

I also snacked on things like pretzels, almonds and fruits and veggies throughout the day which landed me with a 2800-3200 calorie diet.

Preworkout I would have an energy drink and some fast acting carbs like a rice cake. Postworkout I would have a scoop of whey mixed with some Gatorade powder and some creatine.


    Weekend: Rest/Cardio

    • The only cardio I would do though is ride my bike a few miles abs were thrown in once of twice a week.

Suggestions For Others

Stay dedicated and for teens under 18, stick to the basics:

My workouts constantly changed, week from week so my body wouldn't get used to it. It's always good to switch up your routine every once in a while and diet it key! If you're not growing check your diet and make sure you're getting all your calories in!

Ryan Fuller
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Switch Up Your Routine
Every Once In A While.

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