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Get Big The Right Way!

So it is possible to get big without the costly anabolics or andro. This is what so many people miss out on.

Every bodybuilder out there is looking for a new way to get bigger easier and quicker. No one realizes the truth about eating right. New supplements do help you, but I believe it's for the beginner or average lifter. This diet and routine can work for any level. Being on this diet I know for a fact will save you a lot of money. I have many tips and procedures to getting big and cut the right way.

Facts column:

Most of the food you eat has the same nutrients as in protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, and creatine. It takes 3500 calories freely (not used for energy) to produce 1 pound of muscle. You will be in a catabolic state if you do not eat for about three hours. A catabolic state is when the body burns your muscles for energy. The more you split your meals the faster your metabolism gets.

Questions on your mind column:

Q: What is better for you to take a whole bunch of supplements or to take just foods?

A: The more is better, when you put eating right with supplements it has a dramatic increase more than just food. Only take supplements when you have enough calories in your diet to burn energy without being in a catabolic state.

Q: What is safest?

A: Obviously you do not have to worry about the FDA not passing food. But on a lot of supplements you will find out there never passed.

Q: How can I eat so much and not get fat?

A: Spread your diet so that you eat six times a day. This might seem hard but after a while you will become so hungry that it will be easy to eat this much.

Q: OK, so how much do I eat then?

A: Take your body weight and then times that to 17-20 rated on how active you are during a day long period.

Q: How much protein do I need.

A: Every gram needs to be one pound of your body weight through the whole day.


The plan is to put on as much mass as possible without wasting any money unnecessarily for right now.

The plan is to eat 1000 calories over your recommended calorie intake every day, so you have 7000 calories in the week over your recommended serving. This makes it possible but almost impossible to put on 2 pounds of muscle per week.

The plan is to work two primary hard-core lifts and then after that do one part of the body each day for a 6 day week program. With two cycles always repeated build phase and then semi cut phase. The primary lifts will go as follows:
  • First week: 3-3-3
  • Second week: 5-5-5
  • Third week: 5-3-1
  • Fourth week: 10-8-6
Then you repeat. The single body parts a day go by as follows:

  • Monday: Chest
  • Tuesday: Back
  • Wednesday: Shoulders
  • Thursday: Triceps-abs
  • Friday: Biceps
  • Saturday: Legs
These are the right ways to eat for optimum health in your body. Eating the different kind of foods you want is totally your choice. Just eat these kinds of foods during breakfast, lunch, dinner, in-between and before you workout.


Start the day off with a good amount of protein but do not focus just on that. Breakfast is a good time for carbohydrates. Most specifically complex carbohydrates. Variant your meals so that you don't get sick of one kind of food. Have a piece of toast or something like that.

In-between meal:

In your in-between meal you want to make sure it is three to four hours after you first ate. When this occurs do not eat over 600 calories that sitting. A good source for fast acting food on the go is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The bread is good carbs, and the peanut butter has 190 calories for two table spoons!


Lunch is an important meal because your body is getting ready for activity later in the day. In lunch more calories should be consumed. Maybe a sub with no mayo would be a good choice. And remember always variant your foods.

In-between meal:

Try to keep it around the same amount of calories as the first one. This time is probably the time your going to lift. So it would be always best to have a bagel or two. One important thing here is because this is the time you should have a protein shake. Protein shakes are best consumed instantly by Gatorade. If you put honey in that then you have an excellent make of protein synthesis.


In dinner try to catch all the calories you haven't eaten in the day and try to rest a little this is the time you should be at home with your family or your friends.

Bed time snack:

Never have carbs of any kind before you go to bed. All carbs overnight turn to fat because it is energy not being burned off.

One final note about foods. If you don't have enough carbs in your diet than the protein you use will be burned for energy, which burns faster and is bad for protein synthesis.

Muscle building:

Now it's time for the routine. You can pick any 3 exercises to work on your single muscle for that day. During the different phases here are the sets. Building phase:

  • 5-4-3 first week
  • 6-3-2 second week
  • 3-2-1 third week
  • 7-4-2 fourth week
  • 6-5-3 fifth week
If you count all the total reps it turns out to be a building phase pyramid. This brings a little excitement back to the weight room. I am going to go into full details with the cutting phase after I study some more about what the top trainers do and some more facts about cutting phases.

Here's what the primary lifts are to be done in three days.

Monday - Towel bench, and box squat
Wednesday - Power clean, dead lift
Friday - Bench press, parallel squat.

So it is possible to get big without the costly anabolics or andro. This is what so many people miss out on. If you think hey I'll just pop a pill and be OK you're wrong. This concludes my first article. I hope you liked it and there will be plenty more. Lift hard.