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You Got The Will But Don't Got The Mass.

Form is another important part of training if you do the right training with bad form then you will not get anywhere lets phase it form basically builds sixty percent of training.

I have been bodybuilding for two years now and it was a difficult road to gain mass, but I still got the mass. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. But soon I gained some mass, and kept gaining it and getting bigger. But that makes me think about the people who are just starting out. They don't know as much as the average bodybuilder. So that is why I have made this program for those of you who want help and for those of you who need help.


For those of you who are just getting started you want to train with just the right amount of weight. What do I mean? I mean this if your maximum bench press is 160 lbs then don't try to work out with that much weight, you should workout with about 90-110 lbs. So that much weight will be just in the right area because if you lift too light or too heavy then you will get weaker.

Form is another important part of training if you do the right training with bad form then you will not get anywhere lets phase it form basically builds sixty percent of training. Without form you will not get anywhere fast.

Intensity is another important part of training. Some time people get intensity mixed up with doing more work. Intensity is basically how hard you work like lets say you do a set of ten and you know you can do at least five more so you do it then you think hey maybe I can do three more so then you do three more then after that you think I am dead I cant do any more then you put all of your strength in and do one more. That is intensity at work and that is how you are going to get bigger and stronger if you are doing a set of eight and you know you can do a set of ten do it. Because without intensity you will not get stronger as fast as you know that you truly can.

Remember everything above that I told you. Remember to keep good form and high intensity. Now without further a do the program.

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Monday - Chest/triceps
Tuesday - Back/Bicep
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Shoulders / forearms / abs
Friday - Legs
Saturday - Cardio
Sunday - Abs/ calves

Monday - Chest/Triceps

Bench press - 3x 8-10
Remember what I said from before don't go too heavy or too light.

Flat Dumbbell flyes - 3x10-15
These are ment to improve the lower pecs. Make sure that you use a little less weight with these.

Incline Cable Crossover - 3x6-8
These are ment for the upper pecs. Go a little light with these, but not too light!

Peck Deck - 3x5-10
These are ment for you pecs in general. But there mainly for the mid pecs.

Incline Dumbbell press - 4x10-15
These I want you to do the same with the flat flyes and the incline cable crossover I want you too go a little light but heavier then those two.

Dips - 2x8-10
These are a little challenging starting out, but every two weeks that you are the program I want you to add a good set of five to this.

Cable triceps extension - 3x6-10
Go a little heavier with these because you have the cables to support you.

Kick backs - 3x 6-10
For these go good and little heavy. (but not too heavy).

Tuesday - Back/Biceps

Incline Dumbbell rows - 4x10
With these I want you to use mid weight. These will build your back very well.

Bent one arm dumb bell rows - 3x10-15
These are great for your back. Use heavier weight with these.

Seated Rows - 3x6-10
With these you can go a little bit lighter but just remember if you go too light with the back muscles then they wont get anywhere.

Good mornings - 1x15
These are meant to build your lower back. Do them kind of slow so that you can give the muscles a good stretch.

Alternating Dumb bell curls - 3x6-8
These build your biceps well so use a little bit heavier weight on these.

Seated one arm dumb bell curls - 3x6-8
Get a good stretch with these.

Cable curls - 3x6-10
With these I want you too go heavy.

Wednesday - Off

Thursday - Shoulders/ Forearms/ Abs

Front lateral raises - 3x6-8
Use a barbell or a dumbbell its your choice.

Side lateral raises - 3x6-8
use two dumbbells at the same time and give it hell.

Rear lateral raises - 3x6-8
Use two dumbbells and get a good stretch.

Dumbbell presses - 2x10-15
With these you are using lighter weight for higher repetition.

Dumbbell shrugs - 4x8-10 Go a little bit heavier since this is the only exercise that you have to workout your traps.

Wrist curls - 2x15-20
use mid level weight to make your forearms look like Popeye's.

Wrist twists 1 set till failure
Till failure means to keep doing until you can't do it anymore.

Hammer curls - 2x6-8
These will help you build your forearms very well do them like you do the alternating dumbbell curls. And use the same amount of weight.

Situps - 1x30
You know how do do these next exercises so I am just going to say them.

Crunches - 2x100

Twisted crunches - 2x50

Roman chair situps - 2x25

Friday - Legs

Squats - 3x6-10
Do these kind of heavy because like the back if you don't do these heavy then they wont gain mass as quickly.

Dumbbell lunges - 3x5-8
Use heavy dumbbells.

Leg presses - 2x20
I know what you're thinking but for me I like to do these with lighter weight and do more reps. But if you prefer more weight and less reps then do 3 sets of six-eight.

Leg curl - 2x10
This is the best way to build the back of your legs (hamstrings) use heavy weight.

Leg extensions - 2x10
these are like the leg curls but reverse and they work out the front of your legs (Quadriceps) like leg curls go heavy with these.

Saturday - Cardio

Do 30 minutes of good quality cardio of your choice. Make sure that you take in a lot of water Before you start.

Sunday - Abs/ calves Situps - 2x30

Crunches - 2x70

Twisted Crunches - 2x50

Rcs - 1x20

V ups - 1x50

Seated Calf Raises - 3x10-15

Standing Calf Raises - 3x 15-20

Click Here To For a Printable Version This Workout!

That should do with the training part of the program make sure you do all of the exercises with the amount of weight that I suggested that you use for maximum results. And don't skip curtain days because if you lose strength in one muscle you lose strength in all muscles take this for example. If you want a big chest then you have to have strong pecs, but in order to get those pecs you have to have strong shoulders, triceps, back, legs (they support your back) then all of this work also makes your biceps stronger.


Guess what makes up 60% of bodybuilding and it isn't training. It is nutrition. See you can train as intense as you want in the gym but without proper nutrition you won't get anywhere. You should try to get in at least four meals a day and should make each meal have high carbs and high protein. If you have a high metabolism you should be filling yourself up with everything you can find so if you do have a high metabolism you should try to get in at least five meals a day with very high calories, protein, carbs, and other vitamins.


These are very important in building a great physique without the use of steriods and andro. I would suggest starting out kind of small then start testing other supplements. So I suggest for starting out you should start with a protein shake, creatine, and a multi vitamin. Supplements work for seventy percent of the people that use them so just remember that.


This is another important factor of bodybuilding rest you need at least 8-10 hours of rest a day for your muscles to get the proper amount of rest. This actually makes the muscles grow. This and good nutrition and proper supplemental use will make you bigger. Because training stimulates the muscles to grow proper and give nutrition to your body and make the muscles grow.