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Hypnotism And The Charter Method: The Best Keys For Success!

I think I speak for all serious bodybuilders, whether you have competition goals or you just simply want a better physique, when I say we are all constantly brainstorming for a serious way to conjure mental power to aid us along in our bodybuilding.

I think I speak for all serious bodybuilders, whether you have competition goals or you just simply want a better physique, when I say that we are all constantly brainstorming for a serious way to conjure mental power to aid us along our bodybuilding journey. Well, what if I told you that by using the following simple mental exercises daily, you could ultimately reach and surpass all of your bodybuilding and personality goals with ease, and continue to make excellent progress for years? Interested? Than I encourage you, read on.

Hypnotism & The Charter Method

Hypnotism, the way I see it can be defined as stimulating the subconscious mind to reach a high level of success, one that you couldn't do alone. The brain is generally made up of three sections: the conscious, unconscious, and the subconscious. Your conscious mind perceives and determines ideas and objects in everyday life, it basically compares things to one and other, and makes choices.

Your unconscious mind is just a defence mechanism and protects the life of a organism. The subconscious portion is what we will be discussing, because it can be "tuned" to make your bodybuilding choices easier if you stimulate it properly. The subconscious mind does not have the ability to compare, determine or reason like the conscious mind does. If stimulated to send information back to the conscious mind, that thought will shape and be responsible for your behavior.

For example, there are many people who are afraid of dogs because of a previous negative experience with one, usually when at a young age. This is commonly an intense situation, that is stored in the subconscious "memory bank" and determines the behavior of that person, in this case being cautious around dogs. Another example of hypnotism in action is when you dream about things or people you enjoy in everyday life, or even when you have a bad dream about a previous experience.

Unlike the above examples used, the subconscious can be honed and allow you to become a great bodybuilder, if you let it. Every mind has an unbelievable potential for success if it is "tickled" by hypnotism. As much as you can believe and your mind can conceive, to that degree you will be successful and complete your goals. Here is a simple process called "the charter method," which I attribute all of my successful time training to.

I stumbled upon this method in Joe Weiders Ultimate Bodybuilding Encyclopedia. It is simple, you just chart all of your desires and goals you wish to reach, and think of yourself as already having accomplished them. In my personal experience, I find that 3 distinct sections work well. First, chart how you want to look. Vividly describe every detail of your physique, as long as it is attainable and not a goal that is set too high.


"I have excellent symmetry, sheer size and definition. My traps are big, thick and insert widely into my perfectly round sculpted shoulders. My anterior deltoids are big thick squares like slabs, medials puffed out to the sides so much it looks like they contain synthol. My rear delts are large enough to make my shoulders look like boulders. All together, my deltoids give the illusion of great width and complete muscularity. My chest is perfectly sculpted and thick. Upper, as well as lower mass, delt-pec tie in, and a noticeable crevice running down the middle to give them a large, square look. My back is wide, thick and fans out like wings, obviously the largest muscles on my upper body. My arms are mounds of thick powerful muscle, biceps high peaked, triceps overflowing with mass, and bands of muscle lining my forearms, even my brachialis is visible."

Next, you must chart your desired personality traits such as confidence, faith, strength, determination, focus, willpower, ect. Maybe something like this for strength:

"I have attained unbelievable brute strength. I feel complete confidence as I increase my lifts with additional repetitions and poundages ritually, like clockwork. I experience a true feeling of power while performing exercises. I am pound for pound, the strongest teenager around. I am consistently moving more weight with more reps and at faster, more controlled paces."


"I have attained true mind power, the ability to narrow my mind down to one single thing and concentrate for prolonged amounts of time. While working out, I display a true mind muscle connection with a calm and determined approach, testing the limits of muscular stimulation. I feel every burning accumulation of lactic acid, as well as the exact extension, powerful contraction as well as every individual muscle fiber and striation ripping and tearing as I continue my sets. I fully exhaust the target muscle group providing maximum stimulation for growth. I remind myself how much I want to get bigger and stronger constantly throughout my workouts."

Pre-workout Mindset:

"I will move more weight for more reps and reach a new level of success, crushing previously set barriers. I will display true mind-muscle connection and completely exhaust the target muscle group, and move on."

Read your charter whenever you feel needed, such as when you wake up, feel tempted when something else comes along, and of course before a workout. I encourage you to alow you bodybuilding experience to be excellent, soaring and fun. If you feel the need to ask more questions or give me feedback or other related comments, e-mail me at!