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Visualizing Yourself: The Key To Success!

Visualization is yet another method of programming your mind to complete your goals, to actually make your training the best years of your life.

Being consistent in your training, performing intense workouts day after day, eating 6 specific, small, high protein and carbohydrate meals every 2-3 hours and providing 8 hours of sleep every night for years is absolutely necessary to provide sufficient growth in muscular size and strength, to actually reach your goals. Every successful bodybuilder has do pay their dues, give up what most average people enjoy throughout the course of their lives. That is a lot to ask of anyone, and requires nothing but complete dedication to education and application of the sport. Not to say that many bodybuilders have trouble finding their motivation, in fact many do indeed live to train, but the following information I am about to give you can greatly increase your mind set positively, in all aspects of life, I, as well as many of bodybuilding's greatest stars are living proof.

If I could only come up with one guideline for bodybuilding basics and the importance of the mind to follow for the rest of my life, it would be the principle of visualizing myself as a success, as already having accomplished what I have been after ever since I learned first picked up barbell.

To see the massive mounds of defined, striated and vascular muscle covering my body, as well as the level of strength acquired over years and completely positive, confident attitude, via total dedication to my purpose. In fact, not only see, but bring it to the point of actually feeling how it will be flexing in the mirror and lifting the great amounts of weight.

Your unconscious mind is just a defence mechanism and protects the life of a organism. The subconscious portion is what we will be discussing, because it can be "tuned" to make your bodybuilding choices easier if you stimulate it properly. The subconscious mind does not have the ability to compare, determine or reason like the conscious mind does. If stimulated to send information back to the conscious mind, that thought will shape and be responsible for your behavior.

Freeing yourself of any negative mental attitude. Sitting, or lying down on a comfy piece of furniture.

Achieving and maintaining a coma-like state of complete relaxation. Achieving and maintaining the sharpest, clearest image of how you would like to be for a prolonged amount of time. (I personally find that even 10 minutes of this concentration is plenty.)

By constantly bombarding your mind with how good it will feel when you have achieved true excellence, you make bodybuilding choices with ease, and actually find inner peace. To experience maximum effects, I suggest one quality visualization every day of pursuing your goals. At first, you will probably find that you can only keep your mental image for a couple of seconds before you mind skips off to some other thing. This is perfectly normal, the healthy human mind simply will not accept the boredom of a lengthy visualization process. However, anything is possible, and through practice and discipline, you can eventually will the power to have a very intense visualization process. The key is to force your kind back to the image and feeling of your desire whenever your mind skips off to some other conversion. I encourage you to email me with the results of your visualization. Remember though, a visualization process is meant to be enjoyable, once you have achieved perfect visualization, lie back and take pride in how you will look. Good luck, but more importantly, have fun.

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