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Bodybuilding For 'Power' Sports!

I started training hard nine months ago and I was very surprised and amazed to see how much bodybuilding helped me with my strength, speed, stamina!

Do you play any sports? Want to learn a few tips regarding basic bodybuilding exercises that might help you with a sport such as football, boxing, wrestling and others? First of all I believe that bodybuilding is a sport that requires as much effort as a common sport such as football. I noticed that one of the reasons that people get into bodybuilding is for sports which was one of the reasons that I have been involved with bodybuilding. I have been taking boxing and Jiu-Jitsu lessons for a couple of years now, I started training hard nine months ago and I was very surprised and amazed to see how much bodybuilding helped me with my strength, speed, stamina!

No matter what sport you play legs, speed and stamina are usually involved, If you don't have strong legs and stamina it is most likely that you will not be good at the sport, so don't neglect your legs if you play a sport!!. I will be listing some great exercises and routines that you should have a look.....

FOOTBALL- Training for Football is not a easy thing. It requires hard work, time and power lifting moves! Most high school coaches usually recommend a 3 day training split, I think it fits perfect for football. If you play football be sure to do these 4 exercises!

  • 1 Squats
  • 2 Bench
  • 3 Deadlifts
  • 4 Power Cleans
You should also do parallel squats, military presses and don't forget to sprint and run! Be sure to train ALL of your body and not just some parts if you want to have the looks of a body building but also the talent and strength of a football player.

WRESTLING- I believe that wrestling is not all about strength but it's about technique, I have wrestled people smaller then me and I got my butt kicked! However, strength and bodybuilding does help you a lot. Keep in mind that a lot of wrestling moves use ab movements even though it may not seem like it. If you are a wrestler I would suggest a 3 to 4 day work out plan using basic bodybuilding exercises.... like I said before wrestling is about technique but strength does play a big role.

BOXING- This is a sport that you will need a lot of stamina and strength to be good!, when I first got into boxing I thought it would be a piece of cake, I never did any lower body work or any cardio before boxing... I was got killed the first few months of training I couldn't believe how important cardio and legs are to sports. If you are a boxer or training for it DO CARDIO. If you don't do cardio workouts you will be knocked by a smaller guy. Upper body strength is great for boxing but not as important as your legs and cardio.

Sports and bodybuilding are a great combination for a healthy life not only physically but and mentally . I have made bodybuilding and sports my favorite hobbies, I keep working hard day after day trying to reach my goals that I will soon get from bodybuilding and sports!. Keep training hard and never give up.

Good Luck!