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Mass Building Workout #2!

I just finished another bulking phase, but this one I decided to keep shorter than my last one, so it was only for 8 weeks. Here is my full program!

I just finished another bulking phase, but this one I decided to keep shorter than my last one, so it was only for 8 weeks. I still did 1 body part per day, and 6 workouts per week, Keeping the reps for all exercises at 10 or less using good form and controlled reps.
  • Monday-triceps
  • Tuesday-biceps
  • Wednesday-legs
  • Thursday-off
  • Friday-chest
  • Saturday-back
  • Sunday-shoulders
I really wanted to add some size to my arms this time, so for the first 4 weeks I used the following routine for triceps. I hit my triceps especially hard and had some of the best growth in arms I've had lately.

-Close grip bench press
(10,8,6,4) add 5 pounds more each set. increase 5 pounds per week. Try to do these really slow and controlled and really flex your tris at the top.

-Lying triceps extension
(10,8,6,4) * Replace with dips for weeks 4-8 with extra weight attached. Try not to lean forward ...

Reverse grip overhead triceps extension
(10,8,6) Takes some getting used to.
Overhead tri ext (10,8) *optional, depending how tired you are.

Barbell curl (4,6,8) start really heavy and lower the weight each set.
Preacher barbell curl (10,8,6) Use full ROM ...
1-arm preacher curl (10,6)
Reverse preacher curl (8,4) Use a EZ-curl bar

Squats (10,8,6 ,4) Go to parallel, only use a belt if doing 6 reps or less
Hack squats (8,6,4) feet together, toes pointing out. go really heavy! go as deep as you can on these.
Leg curls (10,8,6,4)

I decided i needed to work on my upper chest more, so this time I started with Incline barbell bench press first. I saw good gains from it, and my upper chest is really filling out a lot.

Incline barbell bench press (10,8,6,4)
Bench press (8,6,4)
Decline (8,4)
Flyes (8,6)
*if you have a weak inner chest add some crossovers or peck-deck

Instead of doing the usual 4 sets of barbell rows, I decided to do more rowing exercises with 1 set each to failure. I am getting better pumps in my back this way and I feel a lot stronger, and bigger.

Wide-grip Chins 4 sets to failure
Medium grip pulldown (10,8,6)
Barbell rows 1 set 10 reps or less
reverse grip barbell rows (1) "
T-bar rows (1) "
Cable rows (1) "
Deadlifts (8,6,4)

Military press (8,6,4) I prefer to do these seated.
Arnold presses (10,8,6)
Upright rows (8,6)
Laterals (10,8)
Barbell shrugs (12,10,8,6)

Click Here For A Printable Log Of My Mass Building Workout!

Weight gainer
Protein Powder (Optimum Nutrition, my favorite)
Creatine 15g per day
Liver tabs -12 per day
Multi-Vitamin (2 per day)
Vitamin E 800 IU per day

Stats after 8 weeks:

Arms + 1/2 inch
Chest + 3/4 inch
Legs + 3/8 inch
Weight Not taken

If you try this workout, let me know what kind of results you get.

Until next time,
Good luck and keep growing!