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Injury Prevention And Treatment!

Some injuries are so slight and common that we barely notice them, others are serious and may require a physician. An injury can lead to a serious setback, so it is important to learn how to prevent them, work around them, and treat them.

  • The Benefits of Supplementing with Liver
  • Injury Prevention and Treatment
  • The Importance of Sleep!
  • The Benefits of Supplementing with Liver

    Pure liver has been a staple in the bodybuilding community for years. Athletes involved in energy demanding pursuits know that liver provides high powered nutrients for building strength and energy. Liver is ideal for bodybuilding progress, physical endurance and peak stamina. Liver tabs are a high grade glandular substance derived from healthy grass-fed Argentinean cattle. It is free of fat and connective tissue.

    Because of the low temperatures used in processing Liver it retains the biochemical spirit of the original. Liver is one of the most nutritious supplements available. Desiccated liver in a concentrated form of dried liver that is put into tablet form. I recommend supplementing with liver tabs throughout the day to keep a constant stream of vitamins in your body.

    *Nutrient Rich
    *Rich in BCAA's and Glutamic acid.
    *High in Amino Acids & Protein.
    *High in Vitamins & Minerals
    *Increases energy, muscle mass, endurance & recovery time.
    *Water retention Similar to creatine except the more you use the more you retain.

    Here are two products containing liver I have found:

    *Ultimate Nutrition Argentine Beef Liver
    *Universal Uni-liver

    Injury Prevention and Treatment

    To become a successful bodybuilder you must constantly push past your physical limits. But there's always a chance you will exceed the ability of your physical structure to endure the strain, which can result in injury.

    Some injuries are so slight and common that we barely notice them, others are serious and may require a physician. An injury can lead to a serious setback, so it is important to learn how to prevent them, work around them, and treat them.

    Injuries usually occur at the weakest point in the structure: in the muscle, at the muscle/tendon juncture, at a joint, etc. They can also occur over a period of time because of overuse or the mishandling of a very heavy weight.

    Injury prevention

    "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." There is a fine line between overuse and chronic strain due to heavy workouts. Intense workouts are bound to lead to occasional muscular soreness or soreness of the muscle/tendon complex.

    This kind of overuse is not an injury and most bodybuilders take it as a sign that they have trained hard enough. But if you're so sore that you can hardly move and the intensity of your subsequent workouts is diminished, you've probably gone to far.

    Tired, tight, and sore muscles are more vulnerable to injury, so if you insist on working out under these conditions, there is a good chance of an injury. The best prevention under these circumstances is gradual stretching, warm-ups, or even a light workout.

    * Stretching lengthens the muscle/tendon complex reducing the chance of an exercise movement to suddenly stretch these structures past their limits and cause damage.

    *Warming up pumps blood and oxygen to the area and literally raises the temperature of the muscles involved, allowing them to contract with greater force.

    The best way to avoid training injuries is by taking care to stretch and warm -up and by observing proper technique. The stronger you are the more strain you are able to put on the muscle and tendons, but often the muscles gain strength at a faster rate than the tendons, thus creating an imbalance that may cause problems. You must allow yourself to progress at a reasonable rate, and not attempt to train too intensely or with too much weight without proper preparation.

    Injury Treatment

    Initial treatment for all injuries is rest, the injured area must be protected against further injury. Working through or working out the injury can make it only worse. For a mild strain, rest and avoid the activity that caused the injury. This may be the only treatment necessary until the extremity has recovered.

    In very severe muscle and tendon injuries, with complete rupture of any of the components, the integrity of these components must be restored and surgical repair may be required. Even in these severe cases, the first-aid principles are the same as described:


    Pain when your training is a warning sign that an area has been injured. By letting the pain be your guide, you can practice preventive medicine. First avoid the activity that caused the pain and allow the area involved to recover. After an adequate period of rest you can gradually resume the activity. Once you have regained full range of motion of the injured area and there is no associated pain, you have healed enough to increase the resistance to that movement on a gradual, progressive basis.

    If you begin to feel pain, you have gone too far. Healing takes place by degrees over a period of time, and the pain is an indicator of how far along you are. To progress too much too soon and not stay within the boundaries described-freedom from pain-risks re-injury, more severe injury, and chronic pain.

    Bodybuilders often become frustrated with prolonged or even short recuperation periods because of the resultant loss of conditioning, the setbacks, the "shrinking" and the mental and emotional anguish of not being able to train. However the ability to deal competently with injury and to have the discipline to allow healing to take place is essential to a successful bodybuilding career. To do otherwise could further delay or completely prevent you from achieving your goals.

    The Importance of Sleep!

    To get big, all you have to do is eat right and train heavy, right? Not exactly. One important yet often overlooked factor is sleep. When you train you're literally destroying microscopic bits of muscle. These "micro-tears" require time to repair, to grow thicker and stronger in response to the added stress. Think of sleep as protection against muscle wasting.

    During sleep our bodies secret important hormones. Within the first two hours of sleep, the body secretes the greatest quantity of Human Growth Hormone. GH as bodybuilders know, is a natural and powerful anabolic hormone produced by the pituitary gland. GH can promote increased muscle size and inhibit fat storage. Not sleeping enough can diminish the amount of GH your body produces, thereby retarding your muscle development.

    It's important for all athletes to understand and appreciate the importance of sleep. Never sacrifice a good night's sleep for more time in the gym. Here's some more helpful advice. Don't train too close to your bedtime. The stimulating effects of exercise can slow down the onset of sleep. Remember, getting big is a by-product of sleep. Don't deprive yourself of sleep.

    Testosterone and Luteinizing hormone levels higher during sleep!
    If you want higher levels of testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) naturally then sleep more. According to a study conducted at the Haemek Medical center in Afula, Israel, researchers found that sleep produced rises in serum hormone levels in young, healthy male subjects. Serum hormone levels of testosterone, LH, and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) were measured every fifteen minutes during a twelve hour period. Hourly testosterone levels were at their lowest when subjects were awake. As the subjects fell asleep, testosterone levels began to rise (90 minutes before the first REM), peaking around the time of the first REM phase. LH also exhibited similar increases, though preceding testosterone's peak by an hour. These levels remained high until the subjects awoke.