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Sticking With New Year's Resolutions!

Learn how to stick with your New Years Resolutions!

In this article, I will give a hypothetical scenario and then outline helpful hints & tips toward reaching your goals.

Joe & Lorraine

"OK, here we go - this year, I'm going exercise and build muscle!" Joe said. Joe also wrote this goal down on a sheet of paper. His only two New Year's Resolutions were this and to be nicer to his mother.

"Surely a 16-year old can handle this," Joe thought to himself. Joe had prepared the pathway to his first goal by signing up for a weightlifting class scheduled to begin immediately after the Christmas break. He even received a brand new exercise bike from his psychic mother!

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Joe rode his bike every morning before breakfast and felt good about the exercise. He searched the Internet and read many bodybuilding magazines for workout routines and tips. Joe had a nice Christmas break with his family and was eager to fulfill his goals.

He went back to school and couldn't hardly wait until third block (when he had his weightlifting class), but something strange happened. A new girl just moved in to his first block class. Joe wasn't the biggest ladies man, but this particular girl saw something she liked in Joe.

The teacher introduced the new girl as Lorraine. The teacher then split the class up into 15 groups of 2 students. With some dumb luck, Joe was matched up with Lorraine.

Joe introduced himself and noticed that Lorraine kept looking at him and smiling. It turned out they didn't get any of their work done and Joe offered to take Lorraine out that Friday and show her around town.

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Finally, and after much anticipation, Joe finally made it to the basketball gym for third block weightlifting. The class was very large, around 30 students. Joe had no clue how they would all fit into the weight room. The teacher explained a few things, left them alone to do whatever they wanted to.

Joe was shocked when everybody went back to the gym to play basketball except for him and two others. He did his first-ever chest and bicep workout. He didn't use heavy weights, but felt really good by the time that he finished. When he woke up the next morning, however, he was extremely sore and didn't like the feeling.

Joe and Lorraine grew closer and closer in first block and were both eager to go out on Friday. At home, things were better than ever with his mother. She didn't even have to ask him to do his chores around the house.

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Joe worked out again in third block - this time, back and abs. And then Friday night finally came. Joe went and picked up Lorraine and they had an awesome time, and they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Monday came, and Joe went to first block and sat next to Lorraine and she looked a bit worried. She told him that she really loved him and that she was sad that they couldn't spend more time together. She then asked him to visit her in her study hall during his weightlifting class.

He told her that that was the only time he had to lift weights and that he would rather sacrifice something else. They talked some more and decided that weightlifting would be the only class available.

Joe refused once again and she told him that if he loved her, then he would do it for her. He agreed and his dreams to become a professional bodybuilder were foiled.

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So, as you can see, anything can get in your way and deter your goals. You have to be mentally strong to keep these problems away. The farther you get down the road to your goals, the easier it will be to stick with them, but be extremely careful - especially at the beginning.

Reaching Your Goals
Helpful Hints & Tips

  • Mike MurphyFind a dependable workout partner.

  • Work your way into a hard-training program slowly.

  • Set many short-term goals and one main long-term goal.

  • Try to hit the gym at the same time each day.

  • Vary the exercises, sets & reps, etc.

  • Minimize body fat through proper diet and cardio.

  • Involve yourself in cardiovascular activities instead of only running on the treadmill. Swimming, basketball, racquetball, cycling, and aerobics are all great ways to make new friends and minimize body fat.

  • Talk to everybody you can at the gym (be careful to not be annoying) to make lots of friends there.

  • Don't just work out your chest, biceps, and abs. Do a total body workout so that you look good and add more weight.

  • Have your body fat measured about once a month.

  • Listen to good, loud music while working out.

  • Eat a lot, especially when you get home from a workout.

  • Do things with your workout buddies, like double dating, seeing movies, hanging out, etc.

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