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Get Psyched: What To Do To Get Motivated!

Are you working out day after day and just can't seem to find the motivation? Learn the secrets Mike uses to keep motivated!

The rewards of your training are directly proportional to your effort in the gym. Ever noticed the same Joe's each month lifting the same weights and coasting their way through their workouts? It's obvious why they aren't gaining much size or strength. They aren't really working out.

Have A Purpose

Do not just go to the weight room to move weights. Have a purpose and desire. Whether you plan to become a professional bodybuilder or to put on 30 lbs. of mass for football. When you have goals to reach, it makes it easier to bust through your pain barrier and into the growth zone. If you scream, you are working out hard. Don't be annoying, but give it everything you've got! Do not get lazy. I used to think that I should not do cardio on training days, and that I should only do 1 or 2 exercises per body part per week. Now I'm not going to recommend what you should do, but personally, I am reaching a level in which I train 6 days a week, and train each body part twice a week. I am also doing 3 to 5 different exercises for each muscle. This sounds insane and is definitely an upgrade from my previous routine.

Unless you workout as soon as you wake up, think about your workout during the day. Think about the workout you will do, the exercises, the reps, the sets, and what you want to accomplish. If you are a bodybuilder, you will feel excited. If you are one of the average Joe's, you will want to think about something else.

Look at girls every now and then. Hopefully, girls get you excited, and when you get excited, you feel great and as long as they aren't dancing right in your face, you will be able to workout hard. If you get caught looking at girls, and you attract them to you, try to minimize the conversation, get their phone number and tell them that you will call them after your workout (This might make you even more excited!).

Try to impress people. When people walk by or are watching you workout, work out as hard as possible and do as many reps as possible. Whether you impress people or not, you want them to know that you are an animal.

Still need some help getting motivated? Think about something that really gets you raw. For me, it is my football coaches screaming at us and pushing us to get better. (My intention is not to get mad at them and kill them or anything, but it helps me to remember the intensity that I expressed and it allows me to get myself back to that level of madness.).

Can you be a successful bodybuilder and not be insane? The answer is no. You can be as normal as you want, but when you step into the weight room (commonly referred to as the war room) you have to become crazy. You have to reach deep inside and push and pull and curl with everything you've got.

Here Are Some More Helpful Tips:

  • Play some fast, loud music
  • Workout with people who you know will push you
  • Minimize small talk while working out
  • Concentrate on doing as many reps as possible

If YOU are one of the average Joe's, you still have a chance! If your routine needs some serious maintenance, keep reading. My very best advice is to walk up to the biggest dude in the gym, tell him your goals and ask him if you can train with him. Most likely he will say yes. If not, shrug it off and ask someone else. When you do get to work out with the big dawgs, for some mysterious reason, you workout like an animal as well.

"My very best advice is to walk up to the biggest dude in the gym, tell him your goals and ask him if you can train with him."

Actually, you are trying to imitate their intensity and over time, it will fully rub off on you! When this happens, you will start to grow, when you start to grow, people will start to ask you questions. When people start asking you questions, be helpful and show them how to work out in order to fulfill their dreams as yours have.