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A New Thought!

Learn Ryan Mclane's way of thinking and how it can affect you. Laziness is what kills bodybuilding and how it hurts lots of big namers.

I've just recently undergone a change in my views on bodybuilding. What with my Painful Truth article, bodybuilding started making me think. It definitely is possible to get massive; Bodybuilders just take the lazy way out. Laziness is what kills bodybuilding. All I hear about is how knowledge is more important than size, and that you shouldn't always determine someone by his or her size. I used to believe this. Now I don't. I think that is just the pansy's excuse not to train hard at all. What good is knowledge if you don't put it to work? Where would society be if people knew how to make things, they just never did? If I know how to get big, and I don't, who is going to want to listen to me? And I don't like hearing about genetic potential or any of that crap.

That is just a load of BS. The only successful athletes were the ones that "Battled adversity," or "Overcame a weakness in their lives." "Michael Jordan was cut from his High school basketball team," "Larry Scott became a champion, despite his genetic potential." How many biographies of athletes do you hear going like this: So and so had all the talent in the world and never practiced at all. He went to the professional leagues and is the most famous champion of our time." I can answer that one. None! So all this stuff about genetic potential and size doesn't matter is trash. If size didn't matter, we wouldn't have bodybuilding, or any power sports, for that matter.

"What good is knowledge
if you don't put it to work?"

Overtraining is another thought. I don't believe in it at all, unless you don't eat enough. If you don't eat enough, you can overtrain. You can't run a car without any gas in it, and you can't expect to get big without any food. If one muscle group is still sore from the workout before, and I am working it again (3 days later, usually), I didn't eat enough. I can tell when I haven't eaten enough. One time I had trained my back to an extreme, never before had I trained my back this hard or this long, and I had gotten sore from my normal back routines. I had a football game the next day and I knew that if I were sore, I wouldn't play up to 100%. I went crazy eating anything with protein in it. I ended up eating something like 210 grams of protein in a period of 30 minutes. Not to mention the protein shakes and tuna I ate later. I also contained a ton of carbohydrates in my meal. I was not even slightly sore the next day. If you eat like an animal, you become one. Did I mention I gained an inch on my chest/back measurement in about a month? The gains don't come this easy any more, but hey, it works.

I used to hear all the time, "You are a wimp," "Oh, I'll take your advice, only because you're just so strong (sarcasm)," and I felt like knowledge was more than size. I would take size over knowledge any day, because why do we learn about bodybuilding? So that we can apply it to our lives, that's why. I am just not that gifted, so I have to earn that size with my knowledge like most people. So now instead of sitting around whining about how size doesn't matter, I'm going to start training, and getting bigger. Do your own thing, I encourage you.

Another new thought I just recently became aware of is all the trash talking about people on the message boards. It turns out that the people who do the trash talking, well they are smaller than the ones who they are talking about. You know what that tells me? Jealousy. The people that do the trash talking are jealous of the others because they are bigger than they are, and they can't accept that. For instance, I don't think anyone should be talking smack about Locke, because he is bigger than just about everyone on I think he may be the biggest. I know he is bigger than I am, so if he got that far, why talk trash? He trains hard, none of this pansy Hit method crap (which may I remind you, the man who started its little "hype" was on steroids, so the training really didn't matter), and it works for him. Let it go!

One other "thing" that was on my mind was low-carb dieting. I heard it was unhealthy if you go past a certain point, then you go into "ketosis" or something of the sort. I have never dieted with low carbohydrates, and I don't think anyone else should. Most of those "fad" diets, like Atkin's diets, and others were not proven to help you lose fat based on reduction of carbs. It was questioned because the subjects drastically cut their total calorie intake, not just carbs. I believe if you just cut fat out of your diet, you can lose weight. The nutritional consultant to GNC states, "If you want to lose fat, you have to cut fat." I read this lady's book, entitled "Power Eating", and she has done studies on professional bodybuilders, and she knows a ton! I strongly suggest reading her book. The name is "Power Eating", and the author is Susan Kleiner. Throughout the book, she backs up her statement about high carb dieting, and how effective it is. I couldn't start to begin how much she emphasizes it throughout the book. All I know is that it worked for me, and I know of a lot of other people who have had it work for them. Just cut back on the fat. I know a ton of people are going to disagree with me, but for every example of how low carb dieting is bad for you, I could back it up with why it is good for you.

Even after that little paragraph, I want to make sure to let you know one thing. Make your own choices regarding nutrition. Don't just take someone else's advice. There are as many opinions on dieting as there are people in this world. Everybody has an opinion on how to lose weight fast. "Take our supplement," "fast for three days," "do this, do that." Just be independent.

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