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Mat's Essential Bodybuilding Tips!

A few weeks of the year should be dedicated to strength training alone. This helps you to lift heavier. The heavier you lift, the more muscle.

These are some of my main bodybuilding tips. I've deliberately not ordered them because I figure that you're more likely to read through it then.

  • Don't try to follow a diet plan too strictly.
      This is one of my GOLDEN rules. I always read about teen diet plans which include meals every 2 hours, and some have you taking snacks in the middle of the night (which, even if it does speed your metabolism, is gonna be bad because it'll disrupt your sleeping patterns). Most teenagers go to school or college, and at school anyway, it's hardly practical to eat a meal every 2 hours. Most teachers don't like students eating in class, and those bars are bloody expensive!!! (although they are worth buying if you've got the cash).
  • Don't stick to Bodybuilding exercises.
      A few weeks of the year should be dedicated to strength training alone. This helps you to lift heavier. The heavier you lift, the more muscle. Well it ain't quite that simple, but that's the way it works. I always spend 2-3 months per year on strength exercises, but some people dedicate a lot less time to it and still see good effects.
  • Eat lots of Protein
      Protein molecules are the building blocks of muscle (according to Joe Weider) so you need to eat a lot of them. It can be difficult, however, to get enough protein in normal foods, so you may want to supplement with a protein supplement. I use Prolab's N-large II because it's got all sorts in it and it tastes nice (as well as being good for you. probably). Oh yeah and it won't break the bank.
  • But not too much!
      Too much protein converts to fat. I can't remember the exact figures, but it 's something like if you eat more than 40g of protein in any 3 hours, your body stores it as fat. As I have said before, I do not known much at all about nutrition. My advice is to eat lots of protein, but not more than one protein bar or shake in any 3 hours.
  • Use Creatine
      Creatine is the BEST supplement there ever was! A lot of people think that all brands of Creatine are equal, but I almost disagree with that. I've got much better results with the Prolab stuff than any other brand. Then I got thinking. I probably only got the great results with the Prolab stuff because it was the first time I'd used Creatine. I've since ordered the Higher Power stuff and got good results with it and I think if you were using it for the first time, any brand would work equally well. Oh and by the way, I've heard that Micronized Creatine is really good because it mixes into your drink easily.
  • Be careful with Ephedrine containing products

  • Stay away from transdermal products
      Except for " Cutting Gel", which I'm considering trying out, all transdermal products are crap. At least, they are in my experience. It's just a ploy to get people to buy their supplements who like the idea of injecting steroids, but are actually far too scared (or far too sensible).
  • Stay away from Andro
      By andro, I mean androstenedione, all the nor versions, and the diols as well. If you know anything about these, you'll know what I mean. I'm sure you'll gain whilst on them, but in the teenage years, you can do without, and at any time (especially the teenage years) you can definitely do without the side effects! (the worst probably being dramatically increased acne!)
  • Do not smoke. EVER!!!
      The bottom line is, SMOKING KILLS. It does. I've seen it myself. Apart from anything, it'll ruin your health and with it your body and with that your building. If you want to chill out, get drunk.
  • Do not take bad drugs!
      If you really, really, really have to take drugs, at least take something like anabolic steroids - I'm not telling you to do it. In fact, I'm telling you not to, but if you have to take something illegal (and quite a few of you do) don't go for the heroin or the coke. Take the 'roids. At least you get some good effects. Oh and by the way, this DOES include your beloved "pot". Despite what people like Richard Branson might think, it is NOT safe! Just listen to a regular pot smoker speak! There's also more tar in a spliff than a regular cigarette. Smoking tobacco kills, and so does smoking pot.
  • Buy those carbohydrate Supplements
      Carbohydrate supplements? Are you kidding!? Bodybuilders don't eat carbs! We eat protein! But seriously, carbohydrate supplements (and I'm talking about the dextrose gels you can buy in packets) give you a really really good (and safe!!!) boost in the gym - better than anything drugs alone will give you.

      Thanks for reading and have a good workout!