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Supplements For Ages 18 & Up!

Supplements are a very complicated part of bodybuilding and I believe they are fundamental to your success as a bodybuilder.

Supplements are a very complicated part of bodybuilding and I believe they are fundamental to your success as a bodybuilder.

Since your body has a high demand for excess nutrients when training at a high intensity, supplements provide you with compact essential nutrients. There is a much greater possibility for new muscle tissue to grow when the body has an excess of nutrients to work with.

If you are just starting out with supplements, I suggest that you read the article Supplements For Ages 16 - 17. The products listed in this article are more oriented towards beginners.

Determining which supplements will bear the most effective and desirable results is a respectable challenge. I have used supplements since the age of 16, and believe I have developed a supplementation program which consists of effective, fairly low cost supplements.

Again, the big question about supplements is effective stacks, as well as correct dosages of each product. It is very important that you consult a physician before including supplements in your diet, especially the supplements under the hardcore section.

Supplements are a great resource of nutrients. The majority of these products should be perfectly safe when proper dosages are followed, but for most of them, there are no long term testing results at the current time.

Basic Supplements

Like I listed in the basic beginners program, a high quality Creatine Monohydrate and Whey Protein supplement should always be used.

Creatine Monohydrate:

    The Creatine Monohydrate volumizes the muscle cells. This simply means it opens the cells up so the nutrients will flow in much easier and more efficient. Not only will Creatine volumize your muscle cells, but it will allow you to develop muscular strength and endurance much easier since it replenishes ATP and the muscle's ability to handle higher amounts of torque.

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Whey Protein:

    Whey Protein is an excellent source of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). Amino acids are used by the body to rebuild muscle, so the more protein you ingest, the better growth you will receive.

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Sources & Dosages:

    As I've mentioned in previous articles, the majority of your nutrient intake should come from whole, non processed foods. This is a very effective, fairly low cost supplement.

    Dosages are fairly straight forward, 5 to 10 grams of Creatine daily, and usually you don't need to exceed a 50 to 75 gram serving of Whey Protein a day.


    I would also recommend using a Multi-Vitamin, Glutamine and Glucosamine supplement.


      The Multi-Vitamin is very important. It will ensure you receive an ample supply of essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your body running smoothly. Simply use the dosage listed on the bottle.

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      Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue. It is used for muscular recovery and growth, as well as an immune system booster. 10 to15 grams per day will be plenty to reap its benefits.

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      Glucosamine levels determine the speed at which joint repair occurs. It also helps reduce joint pain and tenderness that may be caused by sloppy lifting. If you are interested in using the listed products, view Supplements For Ages 16 - 17.

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Advanced Supplements:

Enough using information from the previous article. Time to get more advanced. There is an endless number of supplements on the market, each with their own little twist on increasing muscle growth, recovery, or energy output.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on these products, I'll recommend a few products that I see useful in reaching your bodybuilding goals. This is my opinion, so I'm not saying its right or wrong.I'll start by elaborating on the products that I've used.

E/C/A Stacks:

    To recruit the optimum number of muscle fibers while working out, you need mental intensity. The best way to increase your mental intensity is to use an E/C/A Stack.

    Increasing your mental intensity will allow you to reach a new level of the mind-muscle link and blast through any plateaus you've reached. Definitely a contributing factor to consistent gains. This supplement will also raise the speed at which fat is burned. Simply follow the instructions on the label, and make sure you don't take an E/C/A supplement after 4 pm.

Vanadyl Sulphate:

    In my mind Vanadyl Sulphate is a very underestimated supplement. This product gives you a better pump, allows you to attain more muscle and inhibits fat storage by controlling the release of insulin.

    It is believed that increasing insulin at the appropriate time will prevent carbohydrate from being stored as fat, and put them directly into the muscle. 1- 5 mg a day is plenty. There are several possible health risks involved with high dosages.

    I've seen good results since I've began using Vanadyl Sulphate, but it should be taken while ingesting carbohydrate.

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    The only other product I would recommend you taking is a ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate). I have never used this product, but research shows it is proven to increase anabolic hormone levels which include free testosterone and IGF-l.

    Follow the label's recommendations, but it is important that you consume these minerals on an empty stomach before bedtime. You may experience such benefits as increased recovery and greater strength gains.

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Hardcore Supplements

To finish off this article, I'll list a few Hardcore supplements. They are designed to increase the normal production of hormones in the body. There is a big controversy over weather or not these products actually help gain lean muscle, but impressive gains have been documented.

There may be steroid-like side effects associated with its use. Some of the supplements that I would consider Hardcore are: Androstenedione, Androstenediol and all their isomers (19 nor-, 4-diol etc.)and DHEA.

I do not recommend using these products, but of course, its your choice. Simply follow the instructions on the label, 200 - 300mg per day. These products should be used by older men, who have had a slight drop off in testosterone levels.

Like I said earlier in this article, there are hundreds of combinations of supplements possible, but these are the only ones I would consider using due to their documented results.

Train safely, effectively and most importantly, keep it natural.