Training While On Holiday!

If you are trying to cut -up and you are on holiday by a beach it's the perfect time to go for a 20 minute swim or even running on the sand as it is harder than on the treadmill and much more tiring so you will burn more calories.

Everyone needs a 'break' at some point during the year. In this article, I will explain how you can still train if you go on holiday or get dragged along by your parents.

For people going on holiday for a short break from bodybuilding ,it is pointless reading this. Don't get me wrong, I do think you should take a short break once-in-awhile from bodybuilding so when you come back after a short rest. You will be refreshed and eager!

I started thinking about this as I am going to have a gap year when I finish school (a year out to travel before going to full time work) but I also want to keep most of my muscle. Obviously, you will not make the gains you would if you were in the gym, but there are still ways you can keep up with your training to maintain your muscle.

If there is a local gym around you, you could use that - but if there is not one available or you cannot use it, there are other ways to keep up your training.

Alternatives To The Gym

You don't have the good ole squat rack or leg press while traveling, but there are alternatives. Just think back to the good old-fashioned way of training (e.g., push-ups, sit-ups, etc.), which are still good to this day.

For your legs and back, you can still squat using your rucksack or even if you are travelling with someone else you can hoist them up and use them as weight to squat! Pull-ups can be done outside on a branch if there is a tree nearby, or on monkey bars if there is a children's playground close. Try out hyperextensions that are good for the lower back and can easily be done on a floor.

For your chest and shoulders, you got push-ups. You can even try bench press or pullovers by lying on the end of your bed or a sturdy table and bench pressing someone else or any other object that can be used as the same affect of a barbell or dumbbell would.

You could try skull crushers for your triceps using a bed or table for the bench. Push-ups are also a good option as you could also wear your rucksack for added weight. Bench dips could also be done if you have a step nearby.

The biceps also could be worked by doing dumbbell curls using other pieces of equipment for weights. For the abs, sit-ups or crunches would work fine.

If you are trying to cut up and you are on holiday by a beach, it's the perfect time to go for a 20 minute swim or even running on the sand, as it is harder than on the treadmill and much more tiring so you will burn more calories. Swimming in the sea is for most people much more enjoyable than running for thirty minutes on a treadmill, and would be more beneficial to you also, as swimming is also good for all around toning of your body.

These are just a few ideas. There must be other exercises you can do while on holiday in the hotel room or outside, you just need to use your imagination and common sense!


Taking supplements while on holiday is a bit more tricky and when I go away, I think I will have to go without them as I'll be going around for a year with only a small racksack. I'll need all the room I can get without filling half the bag with supplements!

You need to take into account how much room you will have in your bag/suitcase when traveling. If you are only going away for around 1-2 weeks, you could take the amount you need rather than the whole tub or bottle which is usually a three months supply.

If you take several different supplements, just think about the most important ones and others that you can get from the kind of food that you can easily get when traveling. In other words, leave the protein powders behind!


If you follow these few suggestions, you can have an enjoyable holiday while knowing you are not losing muscles from just lounging around. Just remember: don't push yourself too hard, as you don't want to make your muscles sore to ruin your holiday.