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My name is Nick, I am 16 years old 5' 6" and weight 134 lbs. I would like to know of a supplement that would help me get a good, cut looking stomach. I do about 20-30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week, and it seems to be helping a little but not as fast and as complete, as I wanted it to.

I would like a supplement that wouldn't have any negative side effects since I am still growing. Please recommend a supplement I should use to help get cut lean muscle especially around my stomach (to get rid of that layer of fat). Thanks a lot!

I found E/C/A Xenadrine EFX works well. This will not effect your growth or anything serious but can give some people headaches throughout the day and similar side effects. This will help a lot but does not replace a good diet and cardio done on an empty stomach in the morning.

I got three questions for you. I'm in college now. I used to play around with the curl bars and bench press when I was a kid and like any other teenager doing this for the first time saw awesome changes. I haven't been back to the gym since.

Now my sport really is running and what I would like to do is put on mass (I'm 130 lbs). Will this cause a problem for me? If so how will I take care of it? My other question may seem kind of silly. This I guess is the "FORBIDDEN QUESTION." About how long will it take to put on about 50 quality lbs? (yes I am in hurry. I know Rome wasn't built in a day but even Julius Caesar had a rough idea when things was coming and going). Thanks a lot for hearing me. I like the article can't wait to see more of 'em

I have the same problem with all the running I do playing tennis. I do not understand weather you dont know if you can put on muscle because of all the cardio you do with your running or you think you would not be able to run like you can if you put on some muscle so I will answer both. Yes you can put on muscle but because of all the cardio you do with your running you need to try and consume more calories than others.

If you put on muscle without thinking of flexibility you will slowly become less flexible and slower so remember to stretch. About the amount of time to put on 50lb of muscle this is a bit much but it all comes down to genetics, your training program and your diet. To give yourself a boost, creatine is a good supplement to go with.

I'm nineteen, I weigh 202 lbs, and I'm almost 6'2. My current body fat is about 13.3%. I'm bulking right now. The thing is that when I look in the mirror, I always look too fat. I really don't think I should cut up because I dont see nearly enough muscle to make it worth it and oh by the way. I'm pretty sure I'm a mix between an ectomorph and a endomorph.

Because all my muscles are lean but I do tend to accumulate that fat on my stomach. Should I continue bulking and just add in some cardio to help things out? Or should I just continue bulking and worry about lowering the body fat later? I just dont want the body fat to get too high.

13.3% Isn't too bad. To see your abs you need around 10% and you're almost there. If you are not happy with your size yet you will look bigger if you are cut but I would still continue bulking, saying that 202 lb isn't a bad weight when compared to your height and body fat. If you do decide to carry on bulking keep cardio to a minimum as you will want to hold onto as many calories as possible.

I've been lifting for about a year now, on and off between my sports. When I did lift I would go with the football team and do alot of power lifting, doing many sets on few machines. Lately I have been lifting with my friend who is very toned and he does more reps, like 12 instead of 3, 5, or 8 for me. Here are my questions:

    1.) Since I started doing this my muscles shrunk, and slowly became more toned, is this normal? Is it true more reps will get you more toned?

    2.) I have asked many people their opinions on diets, to lower percent body fat, but I have received about every answer possible... don't eat sugar, only eat protein, don't have carbs, keep your calorie intake low. What will bring my percent body fat down the most effectively, (I don't just want to lose water weight.)

    3.) I know running will help me bring this down, what is the most effective way to do this (walking, running, intervals, etc.)

The 3, 5 rep range is used more for power lifters than bodybuilders. It's not the rep range that would make your muscles 'shrink' as you said I think it is more your diet.

I'm starting to diet now for my competition so I know what you must be going through when dieting. The regular and most effective way is to cut down on your carbs and take a majority of them in the morning and do not take any at least three hours before bed, as they are likely to be stored as body fat. You will loose a bit of muscle with the fat that is why Glutamine is so effective as it helps save you from loosing muscle.

As you said you were becoming toned but also shrunk in size is properly because you are starting to loose fat but maybe lost a bit of muscle in the process. Just remember to cut down on your carbs increase your protein intake to help you keep as much muscle as possible and cardio 3-4 times a week first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 20-45 mins. Any form of cardio will do I like to cycle but if you mix it up it makes it more enjoyable

John Le Mare