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Don't Go To Your First Competition Unprepared!

Going into your first competition can be a daunting experience. I'm going into to a local bodybuilding competition soon in the under 19 first timers and I've been told all these small details which can really effect my performance on stage.

Going into your first competition can be a daunting experience. I'm going into to a local bodybuilding competition soon in the under 19 first timers and I've been told all these small details which can really effect my performance on stage.

If you are thinking about going into a competition you must already have a pretty good physique which took time and a great deal of sacrifices to develop so it would be a real kick up the ass if at the end a few people come up to you and say you could have easily took the class but your stage presence was not as good as the winners. This is where all the practicing and knowledge comes into it. There are several factors that you need to look into from choosing the correct trunks to the right posing music. The best way to learn everything which you will need to be prepared for when you finally get on stage and also leading up to the event is to speak with an experienced competitor or someone who has experience with competitions.

The person who's organizing the competition I am going in for (The Sidmouth Spring Classic) is organizing the eighth spring classic so he's very knowledgeable and seen all sorts of competitors throughout the years he's been organizing the event. He's also friends with Dorian Yates who he's talked to about training and he's now passing on his knowledge to me.

There are several things that I recommend getting organized for your first competition for you to walk backstage when pumping up and feeling in control of yourself.

Evaluate yourself
The first thing is taking a good look at yourself to see if you are ready to compete on stage. Remember you may think you are big compared to other members in your gym but compared to other competitors you may not look as good as you think. This is where other people who know the standards in the competition you want to aim for (which would probably be a local small competition to start with) could come and see you to see if you are ready or not. If they say you are looking good for the competition you want to go in for it would be a big confidence boost for you.

I'm sure if you are ready for a competition you know all about nutrition and have got that nailed. If not I recommend reading some of the nutritional articles on to get your diet sorted.

Trunks are also important
Again on they have a chart which has recommendations for colors of trunks for different hair colors which could be beneficial but I think going with black would be the best choice so you do not see the oil dripping on your trunks as much.

Go to a bodybuilding competition
Go and see a bodybuilding competition so you can see the type of atmosphere around and how everything works. I have not been to a competition but seen all the videos of the previous Sidmouth Spring Classics to see how everything is run. This will also teach you how the compulsory poses are executed. Remember good posing is necessary especially when competing in a very tight competition where everything counts and could effect your placing.

Try different ways to remove your hair
Some people like clippers others razors. There are several ways which allow you to remove your hair and some of them can leave you with a temporary rash as your body is not used to it. It is your job to try different hair removing products to see what works for you.

Pick music appropriate for your physique for your routine
Dorian Yates used Guns and Roses but unless you have a solid physique like his it would probably not suit you. You should pick a piece you like but also think about what would be a good choice of music which would allow you to show your physique the best possible way. Try getting advice from other people experienced in the sport and start listening to all kinds of music. Remember you do not need to have only one type of music you can have half your routine with one tune and the other half with another or you can pick out one song and cut certain bits out the middle if you think it's appropriate. When picking the music for your routine remember the time limit you are given and try to complete your routine within the limit.

Practice posing
You cannot practice your posing too much. The last thing you want is to get a cramp on stage from not being used to holding a pose for a length of time. Watch how the pros pose or get a video showing how they are done and practice practice practice.

Design a posing routine
You should design your routine to go with your music but also do a routine that shows of your best features. If you have bad arms but great leg development don't spend most of your time flexing your biceps.

Remember to tense everything
When you do a double biceps you still need to tense your legs as the judges are not just looking at your upper body in this pose.

Go on a sunbed
Even when you are all oiled up on stage you will look light if you have not got a good base. Going on the sunbed is the best way to get an all over tan which will be a good base for when you put your oil on.

Try different oils
Some tans look better on one person but not the next. Try a range of tans to see what brings your physique out the most.

The day of the competition do not wear socks
I've seen a lot of people all oiled up but you can see clearly they have been wearing socks when they were oiling up.

Make a checklist
Write a checklist the day before the competition to make sure you have everything. The last thing you want is to look in your bag when you get their and realize you have forgot your trunks.


  • Posing trunks
  • Spare clothes
  • Pro tan
  • At least two copies of your posing music one for the organizers to
  • play and one for yourself to listen to backstage or if anything happens to
  • the first copy.
  • Walkman