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Has Your Motivation Got The Best Of You?

In my opinion if you have lost your motivation you will nearly always give a half hearted effort. If you have lost your motivation, read this article.

I've just arrived back from a heavy chest and biceps workout and I have realized my motivation has gone straight down which has gave me the idea for this article.

This article is about keeping yourself motivated. In my opinion if you have lost your motivation you will nearly always give a half hearted effort. The reason I thought of an article like this was because I have noticed a slip in motivation and it has gone farther past my training in the gym. I like to pride myself by thinking if I put my mind to something I can accomplish anything but this time my motivation has got the best of me. I'm training for my first competition May 4th and am keeping a diary of every thing that is happening in terms of how I am coping with my training and life in general in terms of preparing for my competition. I have not mentioned I am lacking motivation in my diary but the symptoms are there but I now have the utmost respect to competitive bodybuilders for sticking to their diet and training.

I have noticed my diet has started to slip which has never happened before. I am not cheating but I am starting to miss a couple of meals hear and there. I have just started a part time job as a porter in a hotel which first started of good and I was happy with it but now it bores me out of my skull and homework seems good compared to it (At least it pays for the supplements which keeps me going).

I don't know if the new job could be the reason but for example I always started the day with a bowl of shredded wheat, a banana and three hard boiled eggs. I have noticed all I have been having lately is a bowl of shredded wheat. Again with the amount I used to drink has also plummeted. I used to drink a lot of milk and water. I have suddenly stopped drinking water and only having one or two glasses a day instead of 6-to-7 bottles per day. Again I have gone down from having 7-to-8 glasses of milk per day to having just two if that.

I have got back on track in the last couple of days but training like eating now has become a bit of a chore now, I still like working out but not as much as I used to. I found this is common with a lot of people and happens for many reasons. The one reason I think this happened to me is Ive noticed my traps or any part of my shoulder has been developing like the rest of my body no matter how hard I push it.

I think this is the main reason why people become discouraged and in turn lacks motivation even if all the body is developing nicely apart from one part which is lagging no matter what principal they do to push it to the max.

For people who have become a bit disheartened and lost motivation for any reason there are ways to get back on track.

The way I have tried to get and have become more motivated is the thought of how far I have come in preparing for my competition and at the end if I do walk away with a placing I will have a great feeling of pride. For people who have kept a diary of their measurements and weights you are using you will see how far you have come from when you first started. This is actually something I recommend keeping a diary of your measurements and weights so you can see your progress every month or so.

Another way is to visualize other bodybuilders and bodies you would like to accomplish. I've always idolized Van Damms physic and Stallone in Rocky which I am looking at pictures of both of them now and they help to motivate me and put me back on track and remind me why I lift and what I will achieve at the end if I stay motivated. You wouldn't think a few pictures could have such an impact on you.

Rocky IV is on today (my favorite film ever closely followed by Van Damm's Bloodsport) so again I will again be watching that to motivate me. Others should look up to their idols. My guess for most of you it is Ronnie Coleman but after this years Mr. Olympia I reckon Jay Cutler is this years Mr Olympia and the guy to look up to.

Another way to get your motivation back if all your blood, sweat and tears in the gym are not enough is to have a week of. This seems likely to me to give my self a break so when I return I will be more hungrier than ever and which would also give my body time to recuperate.

A lot has been written about having a week of every two months or so on this site and other people in my gym have said the same thing. If all else fails give yourself a week of or even if you have been sticking to a strict diet for several months and you are not cutting up have 2-or-3 days where you can eat junk food as this would also be a good way to get rid of the stress from keeping to a strict diet. Just don't go over the top with your pigging out phase. I would not recommend this if you were cutting up though.

The bottom line is if you have lost motivation especially after months of intensive training don't be disheartened it happens to everyone. Just have a week or all have a few snacks and remember the reason why you train in the first place whether it be just to feel better about yourself or for a certain sport etc.

I don't normally write quotes at the end but this one really made me think. I got it from one of the other writers articles and is so true I typed it out and stuck it on the inside of my cupboard so every time I look at it I remember why I stick to my diet and train.

"Don't ever stop trying to get to where you always wanted to be The moment you stop trying, is the moment your dreams stops coming true."

John Lemare