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School's Starting, Great!

School's started again after that well deserved summer holiday and I bet you're all excited about catching up with all your teachers and seeing the teacher which glares at you when you start to nod off in their class... well me neither.

School's started again after that well-deserved summer holiday, and I bet you're all excited about catching up with all your teachers and seeing the teacher who glares at you when you start to nod off in their class... well, me neither!

The problem which I mostly thought about just a few days before going back to that torture chamber was, "How will I keep up with the nutrition side of my bodybuilding program?"

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Nutrition While At School

The upside for me is being in the sixth form (for those of you who don't know, it's just two years of being in school when you don't have to be - I don't know what I must've been thinking!), and so the teachers are not quite so strict.

This year, keeping to my nutrition plan schedule is especially important as some have you might know from previous articles that I am going into my first competition this upcoming May. This means I am going to be especially strict with my training and diet throughout the school day.

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Luckily, it only takes me ten minutes to get from school back home so in free periods (hopefully I will have a lot this year), I can run home. Hopefully, this will enable me to be able to go home for my snacks but, if not, I have thought of some simple and easy ways to get around this.


I think the one that will be most valuable, in the case I have to be at school for over three hours, would be meal replacement powders.

These are cheap, and are down in 20 seconds - simple between classes. Another option, but I don't think they are as effective as meal replacement powders, are protein bars. These are easily carried like meal replacement powders in your bags and take no time to eat.

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Most lunches consist of chips and burgers. These are great if you just want to put on fat and forget about the muscle. The way around this is either bring your own lunch to school or have a meal replacement powder. I don't think buying anything at the school cafeteria would be wise, as normally nothing they serve is actually good for a bodybuilder's diet with the junk they serve!

My Advice

Plan your day out in the morning. Some days are different than others. For example, you can't have a protein shake in the middle of P.E. if you are on the field, but other lessons (like math) you can take in the middle of the lesson without the teacher looking.

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I hope this article has helped make it a bit easier for you to cope with school, and keep up with your nutrition and training at the same time!

John Lemare