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How To Avoid Embarrassing Moments In The Gym!

Everyone has at least one embarrassing thing happen to them in the gym, whether its: farting, splitting your pants, or even crapping yourself. I'm going to give you a few ways to avoid these awkward situations.

I came into some serious writer's block trying to think of a topic for this new article, so I stopped for a minute and started thinking about what hasn't been in an article yet. I was still getting nowhere, of course, so I checked out the messageboards, chat, everything. I swept through like a brush fire, and finally came across the Embarrassing Moments section.

And everyone has at least one embarrassing thing happen to them in the gym, whether it's farting, splitting your pants, or even crapping yourself. I'm going to give you a few ways to avoid these awkward situations. And I'll tell you a couple of my worst gym embarrassments, sad to say, but two (yes, 2!) of them involve my nuts...

Embarrassing Moments Embarrassing Moments.
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Flying Flatulence

I'll start with farts - everybody does it, but most deny it. I don't know anyone who hasn't passed gas once or twice while in the gym. For me, I find myself always letting one or two go every time I'm in there, usually when I'm doing bench or leg press, not that embarrassing... unless one of your best friends is spotting you.

One time I was doing bench and my friend was spotting me, nothing wrong there. I can't remember how much weight was on the bar, but around my ninth rep I pushed so hard and it just came out, the stench was so bad that my friend went over to the other end of the gym. I tried to continue with a couple more sets, but that's very hard to do when you're laughing.

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I was hysterical over how the people reacted when they walk by, I laughed so hard that the bar dropped on my chest and I couldn't get it off. Luckily my friend came back (holding his breath) and helped me out. From that day on, I've always tried to get all my gas out before I go into the gym!

Torn Threads

Splitting your pants. Well, I can't say I've done this one (yet), and I hope it never does. But still, I wish I had a story or two about this one, so instead I'll keep it short and sweet and just tell a few ways to avoid this. First, make sure you wear loose clothing, and if you're one of those people that like wearing tighter clothes, avoid bending over if you can.

But don't wear your clothes too loose because you could get your pants caught on something and the chicks in the gym that have been staring at you could be in for a surprise (big or small... you know what I mean).

Sewer Soilage

Not many people crap themselves in the gym, but it does happen. I remember someone telling me about the time he was squatting 500 lbs and in the middle of a set he pushed so hard, that he didn't realize what happened until he finished the set.

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There's only one thing I can think of that would help avoid this situation - make sure you use the washroom before you start your workout. That way your body won't have much, if anything, left for you to crap out later!

Testicular Troubles

I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you a couple more of my embarrassing moments. Ok, I was heading over to the pec deck and someone called my name, so I turned my head (still walking) and next thing I know I've got the end of a bar in my crotch.

And another time I had just finished an intense cardio session, and I saw that there was only a few minutes until the gym closed, so I figured I'd do a little bit on the preacher bench. Big mistake when you're soaked in sweat! My shorts were totally drenched. I grabbed the bar and started.

It was ok at first, then near end of my third set I started to struggle and before I can do anything about it, my nuts met with the adjustable support on the bench. Ouch!! I hope this never happens 2 U!

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