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Start Low, Go Slow!

I don't know about all of you, but I'm always getting in my friends' faces and dragging them down to the gym, unless they give me a valid excuse not to come like 'I have to work.'

In grade 9 at lunch I would go to workout...and I would just hammer myself to hell. (Smart thing to do right before phys ed., right?) I just didn't know what I was doing. After a few times I just didn't feel like going anymore, I later learned that I was actually overtraining and not using proper form. I overheard someone in the gym giving some advice, and he said it all in 4 simple words, "Start Low, Go Slow." I never would have thought of those words. But now I find myself saying the same thing.

If you are just getting started, you'll probably find training more enjoyable with some good music and a friend to train with. Try to have music that you like, if you're in a gym and you don't like the music, (if there is any) then bring a walkman and listen to something that you do like (do anything to keep you coming back).

Try marking your workout days on the calendar, that way you can get pumped, psyched, (or whatever you may call it) before you go to the gym.

In the gym, don't be intimidated. There's always going to be bigger and stronger people in the gym, if you let their size and strength get to you, then you probably wont want to go back. Take these people in your head and say to yourself, "Someday I'll be bigger than that" (or something like that) and you won't feel so bad.

Just think positive. That's what will get you through the intimidation part of getting started.

A workout program is definitely something to look into. In fact, I recommend it. Now to create a good workout program you have to make sure you don't train two large muscle groups too close together. As an example I'll give you my workout program:

  • Monday: Delts and Triceps
  • Tuesday: Legs, Cardio
  • Wednesday: Biceps
  • Thursday: Chest, Cardio
  • Friday: Traps
  • Saturday: Back, Cardio
  • Sunday: Rest
  • ****Abs are trained everyday including Sunday****
Eating right is a major part of bodybuilding, first eliminate what I like to call "THE FORBIDDEN FOODS", the junk food i.e.: chips, pop, chocolate, candy, greasy stuff. Cutting these out of your diet alone will get rid of a lot of baby fat. PROTEIN! get as much as you can. The same goes for vitamins and other nutrients. There are other articles that go into greater detail, I'm just outlining what you need to know.

Steroids....this shouldn't even be an option for you. So, STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAP! Sure you'll get big fast, but you'll have to deal with all the side effects: Roid Rage, Shrinking Balls, etc. In fact stay away from all drugs, they'll just screw you up, in more ways than one. I've never once thought about using them and I never will. So you better not either.

Sleep, yes sleep, the one thing every guy loves. You need to get lots of sleep, if you're not getting enough already then crash like an hour earlier. Exercise doesn't build muscles, it tears them apart, your muscles grow when you aren't working them (when you're sleeping). Sleep also contributes to overtraining-- how? By not getting enough.

Good Luck.