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Teen Transformation Of The Week - Justin Lowhorn!

Justin was tired of missing out on all the benefits of being fit. So with a little motivation from his father, he began his weight-loss journey. Read on to learn how he lost 101 pounds and 21.2% body fat!

Before Before:
254 lbs
After After:
153 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Justin Paul Lowhorn

Age: 18
Weight: 254 lbs
Body Fat: 33%
Waist: 44"
Arms: 10"

Age: 19
Weight: 153 lbs
Body Fat: 11.8%
Waist: 32"
Arms: 13.5"

Why I Got Started

My dad had been telling me for years that I should start lifting. I was never really into it, I would work out a couple times then quit. A little more than a year ago I was starting to feel bad about the way I looked.

I would be tired for no reason, and I could hardly run at all for any extended time. I just felt like I was missing out on the joys of being fit. I then decided I wanted to lose weight. I wasn't to concerned about building muscle just getting rid of my stomach.

Justin Lowhorn
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I Then Decided That I
Wanted To Lose Weight.

How I Did It

I started out trying to eat less food, but not really watching what I would eat. One day I saw a commercial for Hydroxycut. I bought a bottle, and then started to get serious about watching what went into my body.

Justin Lowhorn
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I Started Out Trying
To Eat Less Food.

I lost about 40 lbs before hitting a plateau. I was around 215-220 pounds for about a month, before buying another bottle of Hydroxycut Hardcore. This time around I started working out on a strict schedule, and began watching my carb intake.

Justin Lowhorn
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I Started To Get Serious About
Watching What Went Into My Body.

After about two bottles of Hydroxycut I ended up weighing in at about 170 pounds. Since then I have gotten down to 153 pounds by continuing to be strict on my nutrition, and weight lifting six days per week.



Justin Lowhorn
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Justin Lowhorn.


    Day 4: Rest

Suggestions For Others

Don't give up. Stick with it and keep moving forward, it will be much easier to discipline yourself when you start seeing results. The No. 1 thing is no matter what you look like or how out of shape you may think you are, you can change the way you look and feel.

Justin Lowhorn
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Stick With It & Keep Moving Forward.

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