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Why I Started Bodybuilding!

It was going good. I talked to a plethora of twenty-year-olds, but my guess is they thought I was 'cute'.
December 22nd, 1984, a new birth comes into this world, me. I was a big baby weighing in at 8 1/2 pounds. Two days later I gained another pound. The Dr. said there wasn't anything I can do, I will always have that fat on me.

Getting the Ladies

I have now been lifting for six years, and three months now. When I began I was eleven years old. I was also a whale then, I weighed in at about 220 pounds, and I was picked on throughout grade school. I was about to go crazy. I decided to join a gym, go on the treadmill and maybe lift some weights (to impress the women who were probably around ten years older than me).

I could only bench about 45 pounds (the bar), I couldn't do any pull-ups and I could barely do a sit-up. I couldn't stand going to the gym, but I had to if I wanted to look and feel better. I wanted to lose that fat, get the ladies and quit being made fun of at school.

I started getting really into lifting at age twelve. I weighed probably 200 pounds. It was going good. I talked to a plethora of twenty-year-olds but my guess is they thought I was "cute". At this age I remembered something great, something that probably everyone remembers, seeing the outline or piece of you're biceps! I was excited. I don't know about all of you but when I first noticed that I thought that's all there was to build on in the weight-lifting world, so I worked those a lot.

At age thirteen I noticed my triceps brachia's forming. They were amazing. I have seen the first person stare me down at the gym. He looked at the 190-pound body like I was something, something good. Now that I think about it he was probably just thinking how on earth such a young person could look the way I did. A simple answer is, work, hard work.

Noticable Results

At age fourteen, I noticed my latissimus dorsi growing. They were amazing; I loved flexing them and just looking at them. I joined the Forums and asked what they were since I thought it was abnormal to have these, but I received plenty of good answers along with plenty of motivated tips. At this time, I weighed 195, a gain of five pounds. I realized it was probably muscle I had gained so I was happy.

Fifteen was my golden age, I received my first job at an auto body place in Amherst, MA. It was only for the summertime but it was good. I got plenty of cash and my motivation and self-esteem sharply increased. My forearms were starting to put on more size and I starting to lift more days per week. I was back at 200 but my body fat % went down. I still wasn't that willing to take my shirt off in the pool, but hey, a lot of people aren't at that age.

My fifth year bodybuilding, I was five feet seven inches and still growing. My attitude was doing well and my self-confidence was also doing well. I got another auto body job since my summer one was over with. It didn't work out very well. My boss was a jerk and the people who worked there didn't think a guy my age could do it at the time. I could finally do my first push up, pretty pathetic huh? At this age I was thinking about competing. I thought I had plenty of experience but I didn't. The prices just to sign up for the competitions are outrageous. At sixteen I would be able to never afford it.

Present Day

Now finally we are at present age of the year 2002; where I am now seventeen. I work at a Big Y grocery store as a service clerk (okay bag groceries, if you want to call it that). I would rather be a personal trainer but the job I got a now I can't complain about it. I am 190 pounds 5'10. It is now my sixth year as a bodybuilder. No competitions yet however, I do try to motivate every person who is interested in this sport, no matter where they are, to just try it out and show them they can do it if they make an effort. I work out six days per week. Sunday's I rest, and Thursday's are for cardiovascular. I never came to believe that doing this would result in how much mass I have gained, nor have I imagined I would be writing an article for the "Bodybuilders' Bible" Flex Magazine.

I could now do a lot more than what I did when I started. On my leg press I started with about 125lbs. And now I do 825lbs. On my bench I did the bar now I do 225lbs. I come to show that if I can do these things than anyone could. The only tips I can give to you are: get motivated (anything can trigger motivation, whether it's girls, cars, health, role models, etc.) sleep plenty, eat plenty, and don't do drugs.