Guggulesterones - They claim these will help acne by decreasing the number and size of blemishes. I've used this product and I saw a slight improvement in my skin conditions. My favorite kind is Syntrax's Guggulbolic.

*Egg whites - The other day my aunt was telling me how she read that you get egg whites, whip them up, then put them on your face and let them dry. In 2 to 3 weeks they're supposed to totally clear up acne. I haven't tried it yet but I plan to so I'll keep you posted on it and with my results.

Sample Schedule
Morning - Wash acne infected area using a Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide wash. Then use an astringent on a cottonball or pad to further clean face. Then use a Benzoyl Peroxide cream to put on acne. Option of skin lightning lotion.

*I like Clearasil's Stay Clear (it contains Salicylic Acid) wash for my face, chest, and back.

Afternoon - Optional. If you decide to do a cleaning here use something like the morning routine.

Night (Before bed) - Same as morning with the option of a facemask or skin lightning lotion.

Just remember that what I mentioned above is just a sample, so you should revise it to fit you personally. Your face isn't going to clear up immediately either. It takes time and hard work. So suit up and begin the battle!

P.S. I will update you on the egg whites as soon as I finish a few weeks of it. I will also post new methods to fight acne so you'll be more than happy to rip your shirt off and pose for the ladies! Hehe...

Good luck!
*Jeff G*