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Designing A Training Schedule: Things To Consider!

There are many aspects of bodybuilding that will apply to The number one thing to consider when designing your schedule is your goals.

Lately, many people have been e-mailing me with their training schedules and asking me what I think about them. Some of them have looked really good and seem like they might produce fairly good results. On the other hand, there were a few that I don't know where they came from!

There are many aspects of bodybuilding that will apply to everyone such as technique and the basic principles. Other items will need to be custom fit to you and will often need to be found out through trial and error. However, everyone will need to understand the basic principles involved in assembling a well-fit training program.

Things To Consider

dot Goal Setting: dot

    The number one thing to consider when designing your schedule is your goals. Everyone has their own and unique reasons for taking part in bodybuilding training. Some people start lifting for health reasons or just to make their body look and function better. Others desire to improve their performance in sports and athletics.

    Then there are the hardcore raw to the bone folks. These people desire to push their bodies to the limits and to their ultimate potential with the focus on competing in bodybuilding competitions. This wide range of goals greatly determines how the schedule should be designed.


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dot Genetic Differences: dot

    Another major factor is that every individual body is different. A few of the things that tend to vary from person to person are metabolic rate, recovery time, weak points, body type and how fast a person gains muscle. Each one of these aspects should be looked upon when designing your program.

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dot Make Constant Gains: dot

    Muscles grow by pushing them harder than they are usually forced to do. This is the only way that they will grow bigger and stronger. By continually forcing them into this overexertion, they will eventually adapt. Once they have adapted, they are now stronger then they previously were.

    Now that they have become accustomed to this new level of resistance that they were worked at, this level should be increased. By adding weight, this cycle will keep continuing.

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Muscles Grow By Pushing Them Harder
Than They Are Usually Forced To Do.

dot Avoid Injury: dot

    Take caution though, weight should be increased slowly and cautiously to avoid injury. Always make sure that the right technique is executed in every exercise that you perform! It is often helpful to watch more experienced bodybuilders to see proper technique.

    It also never hurts to ask questions or read books, magazines and articles. Once you have decided what your goals and expectations from bodybuilding are, the process of designing your personal program can begin.


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