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The Transformation Of Matt Charles!

Without hesitation I agreed and quickly started thinking about what I could do with Matt to change him in a 3-month time frame.

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I had a friend come and ask me if I could help him out in getting into shape after a layoff because of an injury. Without hesitation I agreed and quickly started thinking about what I could do with matt to change him in a 3-month time frame. It's not going to be easy since Matt's a big boy, about 230 pounds and is looking to start eating right and training hard. All he needs is some direction.

I have decided to give Matt a lot of choices on what he wants to do so everything best suits him, because I feel a diet/training program that is not practical wont work, you need something that will just fit into your normal daily schedule as much as possible.

Background Information On Matt

Matt used to train in the gym regularly but an injury then forced him to stop, he did and concentrated just on rugby training. Although after getting injured again this time playing rugby he was inactive as it was quite a bad shoulder injury. After talking with matt and talking to him about getting into shape through the use of the gym and a proper diet he then asked if I could give him a hand.

Matt is 17 turning 18 in December. He is going on a rugby tour in December and wants to be at peak form as he will be facing some tough opposition in countries such as Scotland, Wales and England.

Matt just finished school but still has to sit his final exams. This has worked out great as he now can concentrate on his training.

Current Stats

Weight 104.8kg (231 pounds)
Chest 113cm
Arms 38.5cm (flexed) 41cm
Waist 104cm
Legs 53cm
Calves 44cm
Forearms 33cm


Weight 100kg (depending on body fat)
Body fat 10 - 15 % (depending on weight)

I don't really want Matt any leaner before he goes away on his rugby tour than about 15% body fat as he still needs his mass as he plays prop and they need to be big.

How Are We Going To Do It

I have decided that for 2 weeks before October the 1st that he will start to eat properly not too strict though just an adjustment on his old poor eating habits, also I have given him a routine to compliment his whole body as it has been inactive in the gym for over a year now and needs to get accustomed to a routine.

The diet I had him on looked like this I asked him to stick to about 50% of it, as it is a transition diet.

Before Breakfast 2,3 pieces of fruit
Breakfast Cereal or toast, protein shake
Morning Tea 2,3 pieces of fruit, up and go or almonds (handful)
Lunch 100, 200g of meat, 50 - 100g of carbs
Afternoon Tea Protein shake
Dinner 100, 200g of meat with vegetables, salad
After dinner Protein shake

The training program he was on for the initial 2 weeks looked like this.

Day 1


Squats - 4*10
Leg press - 3*10
Leg Curl - 3*15
Leg Extension - 3*15
Calf press - 3*15

Day 2


Chest press - 3*10
Dips - 3*Failure
Peck Deck - 3*15


Machine press - 3*10
Side Raise - 3*20
Reverse Peck Deck - 3*10


V-Bar - 3*10
One Arm Extension - 3*15

Day 3

Lat Pulldown - 3*10
Machine Row - 3*15
One Arm Row - 3*15
Lat Express - 3*10
Cable Curl - 3*10
Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curl - 3*15

Matt just cycled through the workouts as he was going to the gym on an irregular basis.

Time Frame

2-week introduction phase was from the 13th of September to September 30th.

October 1st - January 14th

He will diet and train for 2 months then go on a rugby tour then return after 2 weeks and continue for 1 more month. Where he hopes to reach his goals.


Protein - Next Nutrition Whey Protein
Fat Burner - Hydroxycut (without ephedrine)
Glutamine - Bronx (Australian Brand)
Multi Vitamins - Daily One Caps


He will be using a 2 days on 1 day off 2 days on 2 days off split, so he will be training in the gym 4 days a week, doing early morning cardio 7 days a week and training for rugby 2 to 3 times a week. It's a very heavy schedule and I am confident the big feller will gain in size, and lose fat in leaps and bounds.


Workout 1 - Legs
Workout 2 - Chest, Shoulders
Workout 3 - Back, Traps

Matt will do a 40-minute walk every morning at a relatively quick speed keeping the heart rate elevated.


First 2 weeks it will be a low carb diet using glutamine to shock body and shed fat, while the glutamine will help prevent the loss of muscle mass.

After the initial 2-week period I will change his diet so he alternates low carb days with medium and high carb days to keep his body guessing and continuously burning fat. Matt will for the first 2 weeks be on a ratio of a little over 2 grams of protein per kg of body weight, 1 gram of carbs per kg of body weight and .5 grams of fat per kg of bodyweight. I will trial this for the first week and then maybe keep him on low carbs for an extra 2 weeks depending on the initial week of low carbs.

Carbs 105 grams
Protein 240 grams
Fat 50 grams

Cheat Days

After the initial 2 weeks I will then proceed to give Matt either a Saturday breakfast and Dinner to eat whatever he feels or a Sunday to eat whatever breakfast or dinner he wants. This will give him something to look forward to and also a kick-start to his no doubt slowing metabolism.

Daily Schedule (First 2 weeks)

6 A.M. 4 Hydroxycut Caps + 500ml of water
6:15 A.M. Protein Shake (Water), 1 Cup Rolled Oats (30gP, 55gC, 5gF)
7 A.M. Protein Shake (Water), 1 Cup Rolled Oats (30gP, 55gC, 5gF)
9:30 A.M. 7 egg whites + 3 yolks (30gP, 0gC, 10gF)
12 A.M. 200g Chicken Breast, Salad + 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil (40gP, 0gC, 5gF)
3 P.M. 200g Tuna + Veggies (40gP,0gC,0gF)
6 P.M. 200g Chicken Breast (40gP)
6:30 P.M. 4 Hydroxycut + 500ml Water
7 P.M. Weights
8:30 P.M. Protein Shake (Water), Piece of Fruit, ½ Cup Rice + 2 teaspoons of Olive Oil (30gP, 50gC, 10gF)
10 P.M. 200g Salmon (30gP, 0gC, 15gF)

This all starts on the 1st of October 2002. I believe Matt has the will power and dedication to reach his goals. Good Luck Matt. I will post fortnightly and weekly updates on matt's progress along with Pics. To contact me email To contact matt and offer words of encouragement email him at

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Until Next Time,