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A Review On Lee Priest's 'Another Blond Myth!'

Lee is in training for the 2000 night of champions where he placed 5th, but should have come first, see how he trains in this video!

This video is an awesome carry over from his first video but is a must see for all lee priest fans. Lee is in training for the 2000 night of champions where he placed 5th, but should have come first, especially if you ask all his fans that were there, the New York Crowd, and a number of other competitors that were there.


This video goes through Lee's training while he does Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs and some bits of him on cardio over a number of days. Leg day is the day after the Night Of Champions and lee is looking very dry and ripped. WHAT A SIGHT.

Lee is one of the few pros that train with unusually high volume. With a high number of exercises and sets Lee know what works for him and obviously IT WORKS FOR HIM, as he is a machine.


Lee once again shows off his incredibly funny wit and humor throughout the video but the most hilarious part is when he speaks about a question that he can't stand being asked. Lee turns to the camera and says," I hate getting asked what its like competing against all the other BIGGER guys?" He says," Use the word, TALLER, not bigger."


Then he goes onto say, "They are 240-260 pounds with the same measurements/proportions as a guy 5"4 200 pounds, Pathetic." And he says pathetic a few more times and goes on with it. Some of the funniest shit ever. Lee shows off his awesome convertible, proves you can train peacefully in the gym with your wife, and to be a short successful pro.

Also a good final piece to video, which includes Lee's grandfather with both of them talking about how Lee got into bodybuilding. I recommend this video.

Lee Priest: Another Blond Myth
Footage leading up to the 2000 Night of Champions. "Home video footage" provides a new look at Lee Priest. One of the most mind blowing videos ever made about this top pro bodybuilder! If you are a true fan, you must own this video. Approx: 63 Minutes.
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