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6 Weeks Out!

Well I am 6 weeks out from ANB Australian Nationals 2002. I am expecting some good and tough competition, which I hope to overcome through hard training, diet and determination.

Well I am 6 weeks out from ANB Australian Nationals 2002. I am expecting some good and tough competition, which I hope to overcome through hard training, diet and determination. I have started looking for music to pose to so if anyone has any good suggestions please email me it would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently happy with the way I am currently looking, I am not saying I am ready 6 weeks out, I have some work to do still but I am saying that I am happy with how I am looking 6 weeks out.

My workouts are still strong and I am still trying to use some relatively heavy weight. I am using weekends to rest and recuperate and try and eat all my meals out of bowls and plates instead of on the run in college lectures and in the car.

Duncan and myself have prepared what I am going to do through 5-3 weeks out in diet, training and cardio. I will post it up after this week because for this week I will be doing pretty much the same thing in regards to diet and training. I will go over the minor changes further on.

I have now started to pose after my workouts before I move onto the treadmill for dreaded cardio, I am happy with everything so far; I just have to get my endurance up when holding the poses as I'm finding it hard sometimes. I will do this by gradually holding each pose for longer each time I do it. I will start to pose 3 nights a week this week as this will give me valuable practice and hopefully allow me to get a little more separation from holding those poses.

Until next Monday this is the exact diet I will be following, notice an increase in vegetables and how the choice of fruit have disappeared I know have to eat the same fruit.

5 - 6 A.M. Whites + 1 yolk
6 A.M. Weights, cardio
7:30 A.M. Shake (500ml Skim Milk, 2 eggs, teaspoon of olive oil and wheat germ, kiwi fruit and a banana)
8 A.M. 100g Tuna/Chicken, 1 ½ cups rice, 1-teaspoon olive oil
11:30 A.M. 2 bananas
12 P.M. 100g Chicken / tuna, 1 cup of rice
3:30 P.M. Apple, Pear
4 P.M. 100g Chicken / tuna, ½ cup of rice, veggies (carrot, beans, capsicum, Zuchini)
7:30 P.M. Apple, Orange
8 P.M. 100g Chicken/tuna, 1 teaspoon olive oil, veggies (carrot, beans, capsicum, Zuchini)

That's what it looks like, I have used this for 3 weeks now and I am feeling really good, my energy levels are good throughout the day and especially when I am training and the results are becoming noticeable.

Food Preparation

For those that don't know I also go to college full time, and I know what it is like having to try and fit in meals at school and at college so I have a few pointers for those who need a hand:

  • If your not dieting it is ok to have some junk food once in a while that you don't have to take from home you can pick up anywhere. (Extra calories)
  • Cook the food that needs to be cooked in bulk, this means that I separate my chicken into 100 to 200 gram pieces and cook them in 3kg lots on the bbq and then store in the fridge, also I split my tuna up out of the cans and put them into bowls in the fridge this saves an unbelievable amount of time.
  • And finally prepare food that you need while you are not at home the night before so you are not rushed in the morning.

I hope that helped a little, but I promise doing one or 2 of those things will give you a little more spare time.


Hasn't changed too much I am still mixing around exercises but keeping the sets and reps the same on most occasions.


I have increased cardio by 10 minutes and now is 40 minutes on an incline of 1% with a speed of about 6.5km/h to 7km/h. I did this as there hasn't really been any changes in my diet for the past 2 weeks so I thought I would do this for some extra intensity.


As I mentioned previously I will start to pose more often now and try and find some music to pose to. I am choosing 2 songs and using a slower more emotionally charged song for the first half of my posing routine which will be lightning crashes and then for the other half of my routine I haven't decided what I am going to use but it will be something more upbeat, with a strong base line and something to get the crowd involved.

I am currently weighing about 83kg, which is on target that I haven't set. This means I have set a weight goal, I have only set a condition goal which is important if you don't have to come in at a certain weight. By being heavier I may not look bigger or better. Look at your body not the scale.

I have a great post competition article coming up which will include post nationals night out, and a set of pictures that will be from about 9 weeks out to the week before the show in exactly the same place showing the progress. Kind of what DEREK has already done.

Make sure to keep the questions coming that question and answer article is almost on its way ready to be posted.

Until Next Time,