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Ten Tips To Huge Horse Shoes!

Getting the most out of your efforts require you to use a full range of motion on exercises that stretch your triceps such as dips.

Warm Up The Triceps To Prevent Injury

Start with a few warm up sets of 20-25 to get the blood flowing into your arms use a V-bar or bent bar in favor of a straight one as they are more forgiving on the elbows.

Stick To The Basics

Basics such as lying triceps extensions, barbell skull crushers, straight bar cable triceps press downs. Use these as the first 1 or 2 exercises of your routine then go on to 1 or 2 core movements such as dips, close grip bench or seated triceps extensions.

Seated Triceps Press

Train The Angles

Slight variation in wrist position may promote a different stimulation for your triceps and make them grow.

Don't Go To Total Lockout To Prevent Injury

If lockout is achieved this can lead to injury. Still be explosive but only 95% of the full range of motion to prevent injury.

Don't Overdo Press-Downs

Press downs are a great core motion. They're often done too much instead of other important movements. They hit the outside of the head not the inside so make sure you include an overhead movement to develop the whole triceps.

Related Video Triceps Pushdown
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Use A full Range of Motion And Go Deep

Getting the most out of your efforts requires you to use a full range of motion on exercises that stretch your triceps such as dips. Feel the stretch before coming up to complete the rep for greater triceps development.

Finish Workouts With An Isolation Exercise

Using an isolation movement will make you able to concentrate on the muscle being worked and apply tremendous amounts of stress to it.

Cable Incline Triceps Extension

Keep The Eccentric Slow And Controlled

Slow and controlled decent is needed to engage and trigger deep muscle fiber while remaining injury free. Save explosiveness for the positive movement.

Stay Away From Tricky Movements

Don't be fooled by gimmicks or tricky movements they never built triceps. Stay with the basics and hard heavy training and watch your horse shoes grow, grow and grow.

Flex and Squeeze Triceps Between Sets

Unless you want big, ham like triceps with no density or shape spend time contracting these muscles between sets. Do this for 10 seconds after every second set or if you wish every set.