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Big Guns. Huge Biceps!

You won't feel nearly as much soreness in your muscles with cables compared to free weights.

1-Stick to the Basics
Skip bizarre movements and varied curls. Stay with the Barbell Curls, Dumbbell curls, or the Preacher Curls. Focus on the core bicep exercises and see results.

2- Strengthen Forearms
If you want guns you need ammo and the ammo is loaded from beneath. Big Biceps require forearm development to handle the heavy weight you throw around in the gym.

3- Keep the Wrists Curled Out When Dumbbell Curling
This is the key to deep stimulization on Dumbbell Curls. This does not allow maximum muscle force but is required for maximum bicep stimulization.

4- Experiment With Bar Thickness
A thicker bar will tend to develop forearms and with a thinner bar it will allow you to focus more on the squeezing of the biceps. Thinner barbells will 'peak' your biceps rather than the thicker ones. Use both for maximum development.

5- Start Curling from the Fully Extended Arm Position
If you curl your arms from a bent position you restrict the range of motion, which is not good. Remember don't go for out of this world poundage's, the range of motion is much more important than the weight that takes the journey.

6- Don't Do Heavy Cheat Curls
These just invite a saw lower back to spoil your growth party. Strict form is better for maximum results if you wanna exercise your ego by all means do it but who will notice your huge ego doing cheat curls when there is a guy next to you using the proper form with arms 2 inches bigger.

7- Don't Pause at the Top of Curls
There is no resistance or force at the top of a curl so why stay there for long. Get up to the top of the rep and lower your weight straight back down utilizing the full range of motion and keeping the stress on the biceps.

8- Don't Be Fooled by Cables
You won't feel nearly as much soreness in your muscles with cables compared to free weights. Although cables are a vital tool to develop your guns be aware that free weights are superior and cables should be used as a substitute not an alternative.

9- Use Proper Form
You don't use proper form you will never know how big you can actually get no matter what. Don't cheat yourself. Keep it simple, keep it strict and keep it huge.

10- Flex and Squeeze Biceps Between Sets
This will enhance pump, definition and promote more blood flow to the biceps. So in English YOU'LL GET BIGGA.