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2001 Sydney Title Competition: Contest Prep!

James is currently preparing for the 2001 Sydney Title Competition!

It's Sunday February the 25th and its 11 weeks out from the Sydney Bodybuilding Titles on May the 13th. I start my contest preparation 11 weeks out, as I don't want to crash diet 2 weeks out from the comp and want to do it over a number of weeks. I am going to try to be competition ready between 2 and 3 weeks out and then just work on my muscle separation and body fat %. I will try and have photos every week to 2 weeks and updates on all my measurements and body fat %. I am feeling confident going into my second competition as I have had a very good off-season so to speak. Since the 27th of September I have gained about 33 pounds. Wish me luck and I would like to ask any bodybuilders who would like to share there experience with me or give me some info on preparing for comps I would be very thankful.

If you would like to help me out email me at