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Training Splits-Managing Them Around School And A Social Life!

Well in this article I will give you many training splits and the advantages and disadvantages of using that system.

I get so many questions about how many times to work a body part per week and what should I train together. Well in this article I will give you many training splits and the advantages and disadvantages of using that system.

You can train at the gym once a week, twice a week, three times a week, and so on but how can you make the time and effort at the gym as effective as possible. I will give you hand.

Depending on how many times per week you go to the gym you can make a training split to maximize your results. I base my training splits around my large muscle groups, I basically call the CHEST, BACK and LEGS large muscle groups and the rest are small muscle groups, these are grouped with the larger ones to maximize effects and intensity.

Training Splits: Which One Is Best? Training Splits: Which One Is Best?
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We will start with the 3-day training split.

3 Day Training Split

This means you train for 3 days and then take up to four days off. I would suggest taking no more than two days off though. There are two main variations to this split and I will go through both of them for you!!

First Variation:

    The first variation on the first day you can train Chest and Biceps together, the second day you train Back and Triceps together and then on the third day you train shoulders and Legs.

    This is good, as on each day you do not fatigue the opposing body part while training the other (by training chest the triceps gets worked also but not the bicep therefore the bicep will be relatively fresh after you have trained chest).

    This is good as you can focus on the chest and then the biceps on the first day and the back and triceps on the second. There are a few problems with this though as it does take time and you may get tired from doing the first body part.

    To successfully complete this split you will need to swap the order you do the body parts (the first week do chest then biceps and then the second do biceps then chest) this way all muscles wont lag behind and you will stay in proportion. This is strongly recommended to focus on individual muscles.

7/10 Ranking

Second Variation:

    The second variation you train Chest again on the first day but after woods you train your Triceps, then on the second day you train Back and Biceps, and then on the third day you train Shoulders and Legs same as variation one.

    This system is good as it is mainly used for strength gains, this is good because by already fatiguing the triceps when you train chest the triceps workout will be shorter and your overall workout will be more intense and more effective.

    This does have its drawbacks by not allowing you to use maximal weights because of the stress placed on the arm but this split does has more pros than cons and is strongly recommended.

7/10 Ranking

6 Day Training Split - One Muscle Per Day

This split is my personal favorite as I can put all my attention into training that muscle and that muscle only. I like to start all my splits with Chest, followed by back, then you can put all the other body parts in there corresponding days I will show you my current workout program.

  • Sunday- Chest
  • Monday- Back
  • Tuesday- (morning)Legs, (afternoon) Shoulders
  • Wednesday- Triceps
  • Thursday- Off
  • Friday- Biceps
  • Saturday- Priority training(this means you train the muscle you think needs work if nothing needs work or you need a break its time for a day off)

That is an example you should play around with it for preference. Because this kind of split takes a toll on the body you should go to weeks heavy and one week high reps light weights this will allow the body to grow better with change in intensity.

This split is for a teen that has trained for at least 1 year and has made some gains. This does mean working out 5-6 days a week and you must be dedicated and want to be that guy everyone calls a genetic freak at school.

9/10 Ranking- You will make incredible gains.

4 Day Training Split

This works similar to the 3-day training split in when you train for four days you take up to 3 days off. In this you train Chest together with Back, Biceps with Triceps and Legs separate and Shoulders separate.

This is also a good way to train as super sets can be put into the workout that I strongly recommend this program to cut up on. This has the same pros and cons as the first workout splits better for cutting up.

6/10 Ranking


What Is Your Favorite Training Split?

3-Day Training Split.
4 Day Training Split.
5 Day Training Split.
6 Day Training Split.
7 Day Training Split.

Well there they are. The main splits us teenagers should be using remember stick to the basics and you will succeed and grow. Remember any comments or suggestions email me at