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6 Pack To Go... Thanks.

How many times have you ordered a 6 pack, whether it be a 6 pack of nuggets, 6 pack of beer or a 6 pack of toilet paper.

How many times have you ordered a 6 pack, whether it be a 6 pack of nuggets, 6 pack of beer or a 6 pack of toilet paper. There all a kind of a 6 pack but guess what, we aint talking about food, drink or toilet necessities, we are talking about the 6 pack found on a person, the 6 pack that girls will drool over the 6 pack that takes a lot of working getting for some and just naturally there for others, everyone wants ABS but how determined are they to get it.

ABS can make or break the appearance of a person's body. Its all good to have massive arms, an eye popping chest, a massive back, budging thighs but with out a well groomed mid section u will be big but wont look as good as you know you can.

First and foremost you cannot have visible ABS without having a body fat percentage under about 13% and that is even pushing your luck, this may not be the case for some people but will be for most. So some one who wants to get a ripped six pack must lower there body fat.

There are many myths for training ABS, such as don't bother about training them they get a workout from training the other body parts, train ABS every 2 to 3 days so they can recover, high reps are better than low reps. These all will work if the chosen AB routine is done properly but when one method works for one person it will not work for the other, you have to use trial and error and see what works best for you.

I will talk about the way I train my ABS which will be disputed but has worked for me remarkably since I started doing it. My AB training motto is a little AB work a day keeps the flab away (this is helped with a clean diet). I train my ABS for 15 minutes before each of my workouts without fail unless they are sore from the previous workout, which in turn I will let them have a rest. This does two things lets me train my ABS with full focus and intensity so I am not drained from my workout and also it helps me get my mind on working out, helps me get focused.

I change the order of exercises almost every workout but always train the upper, lower and obliques. I think this is a necessity to have a well groomed mid section.

When training ABS the number one must is to keep squeezing them, squeeze when you are moving them, squeeze them when you are at the contracted position and at the fully extended position. This is important, as continual resistance is the key.

Vary your reps and sets for AB training, as it will help with the overall shape and development.

Give training your ABS before every workout if that doesn't work try something else but keep training for that washboard look as it will improve the look of your whole body.

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