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Sadek's Bodypart Of The Month: Triceps!

Each month I would like to talk to you about a body part of my choosing. I will discuss various methods that it can be trained, poundage's to use and give you one of my favorite workouts for that particular body part.

Each Month I would like to talk to you about a body part of my choosing. I will discuss various methods that it can be trained, poundage's to use and give you one of my favorite workouts for that particular body part this will help you get stronger and more massive than every before.

This month the body part is TRICEPS. Most proberly the teens most underestimated muscle besides the LEGS. All teenagers do not realize the key to big arms is BIG, BAD TRICEPS. Every teenager wants big arms but you need more than a BICEP to get them. How big that depends on how they train them!!

There is nothing more noticeable than big TRICEPS, people always worry about how big there arm is, but the truth of the matter is that TRICEPS take up to 75% of your arm mass leaving the BICEPS to be the strawberries on top, the BICEPS job is to make the cake look nice so to speak that sticks out of your shirt than big BICEPS, you can see them with your back turned and if people notice that you have big TRICEPS of course they are going to know that your BICEPS are respectable machines also. Not only do TRICEPS look good they help you different body parts also when training them, they help SHOULDER training and CHEST training.

The first thing you must realize in TRICEP training is that you cant just throw the weights around you must lift proper form and technique. To maximize gains you must focus on the TRICEPS and put all the energy that you have into them and make them explode, make the workouts overflow with intensity, train your TRICEPS so they will explode!!. When lowering the weight whether it be bar or dumbbells do not let the weight control you, you must lower it at a speed were you can feel the muscle being worked. Lower the rate at a minimum of a 2 count on the way down and then explode with maximum intensity on the way up. (This also works well with training BICEPS.)

When using the barbell try to keep your elbows as close together as possible this is hard at firt but you will feel the difference the nest day. Also mix up the exercises, the order of exercises and the reps because of all the variation it is receiving the TRICEPS will have to grow they will have no choice. Also when using the barbell you can concentrate on the eccentric (negative) portion of the rep. This means letting the bar down as slow as possible until your TRICEPS cant take no more, when doing this use a spotter to help take the weight up and then you drop it slow only do this a maximum of 1 set per exercise or you will risk over training the TRICEPS.

When training TRICEPS you must train with maximum intensity and power to make those horse shoes grow. Training to failure is a good way to do this but is not recommended for every workout as it may cause over training.

Changing the amount of reps and sets per exercise each workout can be good as well I like to go heavy for 2 or 3 weeks then have a light session the week after. This will mean either increasing my reps in a pyramid program by 2 reps and dropping the last heavy set of say 6 reps and adding a drop set or just staying with 3 or 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps which gives the TRICEPS a tremendous burn and great pump.

  • My current TRICEP workout goes like this
  • Skull Crushers 4x 10,8,6,6
  • Close Grip Pull down 5x 10,8,6,6, 10(drop set)
  • Close Grip Bench Press 'or' Tricep Extension 5x 10,8,6,6, 10(drop set)
  • Rope Pull down 4x 10,8,6,failure (use the weight for 10 reps)
This is a high volume TRICEP workout that seems to work well. I may trade exercises depending on my mood and availability of machines but I like to stick with that program.

Remember I will train about 3 sessions heavy then a session light using the 12 to 15-rep range.

I want you training your TRICEPS so when you are out somewhere you can pull up your sleeve, FLEX and say you got a horse...need any horse shoes.

Any specific body parts you would like me to write about please email me at and any comments or suggestions on future articles don't hesitate to email me.