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How To Overcome Bad Eating Habits!

Let's face it, for the most part if your not a competitive bodybuilder, most of us have pretty crappy eating habits.

Man, how many of us LOVE to eat? I know I do. Man, what I wouldn't do for a Big Mac sometimes! Hell don't you wish you could eat like you were on a bulking phase all year round? God that would be awesome. But the truth of the matter is you can't. There comes a point where you need to drop that body fat in order to look decent, or if you're a competitive bodybuilder, get ready for a show. To win the war against unhealthy body fat, you must do battle with not only what you eat but how you eat it. And let's face it, for the most part if you're not a competitive bodybuilder, most of us have pretty crappy eating habits. A big part of it is what we eat, but some of it is where we eat. We eat in our cars, we eat while we are watching TV, we eat while we are on the phone. Its ridiculous. I must say I have fallen victim to this trend. And the sad part about it is, we are the "people" who are supposed to be the most health conscious people on the face of this planet. But FEAR NOT! This problem can be avoided. There are 6 easy steps that I have come up with that can help you deal with this problem.
  • 1. Eat 6 nutritious meals a day - Forget the 3 meal a day thing. That's HISTORY! Many of you already know that eating 6 meals a day (7-8 if your bulking) of nutritious food is better than eating your regular "three squares", so I don't think I need to go into more detail.

  • 2. Shop healthy - If you shop healthy (read my article about "whole foods") then your diet will be more healthy, leading to a more healthy body. Keep junk foods out of your house, as they could lead to temptations if they are in your house.

  • 3. Eat proportionately - Since you're eating more meals, you need to proportionately size your meals to meet your caloric needs. If your cutting, your meals are smaller. If you're bulking, your meals will be bigger. It's as simple as that.

  • 4. Take your time while eating - If you're trying to lose weight and you tend to eat a lot and have a problem with watching what you eat, you should slow down when you eat. Slowing down will keep your appetite in check.

  • 5. Plan to have a cheat day - Everybody will have urges to "splurge" when on a certain diet plan. The way to solve this is to reserve 1 day out of a week to eat foods you wouldn't normally eat on your diet. This way you stand a better chance to stay on your diet.

  • 6. Don't let your emotions get the best of you - Most everybody eats when they are nervous or scared. Some when they are angry and some when they are happy. You have to recognize when you overeat or when you go off your diet when it comes to certain emotions. In a study conducted by the American journal of clinical nutrition, it was reported that 70% of failed dieters eat unconsciously in response to emotions.
In conclusion, everybody loves to eat. If you're serious about your body and about your health, you have to often sacrifice these cravings and stick with good foods. I know it's hard to stick with a diet and exercise plan, because I have also experience the exact same problems that every one of you have experienced. Remember, having good eating habits are just as important as following an exercise program when it comes to having a great looking body. You can HELP eliminate your diet problems if you follow these 6 steps I have outlined. Good luck, train hard, and God bless.