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6 Weeks Out From His First Competition!

I am right on track for the contest. I have been losing about two pounds a week. It does not appear that I am losing muscle either, which is the goal of cutting. In another two weeks, my abs should be totally ripped.

6 Weeks Out From The Show

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Monday (3/18/02)

There has been a change of plan... again. But this time is it good. I found out the Mr. Michigan contest is April 28th. That's one day after the contest in Petoskey. The Mr. Michigan contest is only 40 minutes away from my house compared to the five plus hours to Petoskey. So I have decided to do the Mr. Michigan contest, Teen division. This contest will be cheaper because I won't have to pay for tons of gas or a hotel room. It will just be all around easier for me.

Sunday's ab workout was great! My abs were pretty sore and looked much better than on Sunday. One thing I am going to add to my articles is how I feel the next day. Whether I was sore or not.

I am right on track for the contest. I have been losing about two pounds a week. It does not appear that I am losing muscle either, which is the goal of cutting. In another two weeks, my abs should be totally ripped. I still got some flab on the old love handles, but that will soon disappear.


Same as last week. Today was a carb up day though. I added about 100 grams of carbs. I plan on re-evaluating my diet for next week though.


Incline Flies 40 X 15, 12
Flat Flies 40 X 12, 10
Decline Flies 40 X 8, 8
Dips 12, 10
Barbell Curl 105 X 8, 4
Reverse Barbell Curl 65 X 8, 6
Concentration Curl 20 X 6, 10 X 10
Cross Body Hammer Curl 20 X 8, 10 X 12

I switched up my chest workout today so my chest would become confused. Just like throwing a curve ball. By switching my routine up, I am keeping my chest from becoming accustomed to a certain routine.


I am starting to have to shave twice a week now. It is not a hassle at all though.

Tuesday (3/19/02)

I went really refreshed when I woke up. My chest and biceps are sore but not super sore.


Squats 225 X 20
Front Squats 225 X 4
Leg Extension (Strip Set) 150 X 10, 140 X 8, 130 X 6, 120 X 6, 110 X 6, 100 X Held for 60 seconds at top.
Standing Leg Curl 50 X 6
Lying Leg Curl 100 X 10, 90 X 4, 70 X 6
Donkey Calf Raises Brother + 50 X 20, +25 X 20, Just him X 20, Nothing X 20

This was an awesome leg workout. 225 for 20 reps on squats is a new personal record for me. My strength has been increasing throughout this cutting process.


Today I went for 14 minutes in the stand up bed. The 14 minutes went by really quick. I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but there are speakers in the booth and today was the first time that songs were on the entire time I was in there. That helped the time go by.


Man was I hungry today! I ate a couple extra pieces of lunch meat and a handful of mixed nuts.

Wednesday (3/20/02)


I have been super hungry lately. I snacked on some mixed nuts and lunchmeat.


Hanging Leg Raise 5 X 12, 10 X 6
Swiss Ball Leg raise 15, 10
Rope Crunch 70 X 15,12
Wood Chop 20 X 20, 30 X 12

Thursday (3/21/02)


Again, I was really hungry today. I went to the store and bought some sugar free pudding, which saved me. If it wasn't for that, I would have eaten a lot of junk. I believe my hunger wasn't really hunger but thirst. Now that I think about it, I only got a gallon of water these past two days instead of 1.5 gallons. Tomorrow was supposed to be a carb-up day, but since I ate extra food these past two days, I am going to skip it.


Today I went for 15 minutes. I have been gradually increasing my time throughout these past weeks. I have not once gotten burned, but I have developed a nice tan.


Wide Grip Pull Up 13, 6, 3
Bent Over Row 155 X 7, 7
V-Bar Pulldown 130 X 8, 6
V-Bar Row 100 X 12
Barbell Shrug 215 X 16, 16
Forearm Barbell Curl 135 X 12, 115 X 24

Friday (3/22/02)


I video taped myself posing today. I definitely need some more work. I worked out a couple kinks, but there is still more to be done. I decided that I am going to start doing a posing exercise routine. This is what it will look like:

Front Double Bicep 5 X 30
Front Lat Spread 5 X 30
Side Chest 5 X 30 (Each side)
Side Tricep 5 X 30 (Each side)
Most Muscular 5 X 30
Rear Double Bicep 5 X 30
Rear Lat Spread 5 X 30
Ab and thigh pose 5 X 30
Vacuum 5 X 30

5 X 30 means I will do the pose 5 times holding it for 30 seconds each time. I will do this Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


Military Press 145 X 4, 135 X 5
Side Lateral 30 X 8, 20 X 12, 10 X 20
Bent Over Cable Lateral 15 X 6, 10 X 10, 5 X 10
Front Cable Raise 20 X 12, 10 X 8
Scott Press 60 X 8, 40 X 15, 20 X 50
Reverse Pressdown 30 X 6, 20 X 12, 10 X 12
Skull Crushers 59 X 10, 6

Using the cable feels great on shoulders!

Saturday (3/23/02)


I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes today. Today was a good session. I was more focused than usual.


Today was the first day I did the posing routine I posted above. It took about 30-40 minutes. Excellent workout! This will definitely get me used to holding each pose, which will keep me from shaking.

Sunday (3/24/02)


35 minutes of the treadmill. Again, another great session. What I have been doing the last couple of cardio sessions is start off at 2 miles per hour. Then increase to 3 miles per hour. Then keep increasing the speed until I get to about 6 miles per hour. I don't know why, but I stay focused when doing this.


I have found the best way to shave is with a Mach III razor and the shaving cream that is used for your face. I get the smoothest shave this way. I've tried a variety of razors, and Mach III definitely works the best!

As I said earlier, I will be switching up my diet next week. I have a new invention that I can't wait to try.

This Week's Observations

One major thing I learned is to control your cravings. On the two days I was really hungry, I ate too many mixed nuts and pieces of lunchmeat. When I increased my water intake, the hunger went away.

Sugar free jello and pudding are lifesavers. I recommend having them when your cravings are out of control. But don't sit there and eat them though.


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