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7 Weeks Out From His First Competition!

I am amazed by how my body is transforming. I have only been tanning for about a week and a half and dieting for three weeks, and I look completely different.

7 Weeks Out From The Show

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Monday (3/11/02)

7 Weeks out! I am amazed by how my body is transforming. I have only been tanning for about a week and a half and dieting for three weeks, and I look completely different. I believe this is due to the fact that I did not put on a ton of fat during my bulking cycle. I always hear people say, "You're bulking, so eat whatever you want. I doesn't matter." But the fact is, the more fat you put on, the more fat you have to lose. A cheat meal here and there won't hurt (when bulking), but binging on junk whenever you want will.

Contest preparation must be strict though. There is no cheating! Cheating will only take you farther away from reaching your best condition. I never realized how much I liked to eat until now. Before, if I was on a diet, I would cheat and not think twice about it. Now, I know I cannot cheat. That makes it so much harder not to. One thing I do when I feel a craving is chew some sugar free gum. This gives you something sweet to chew on and takes your mind off of food.


Same as last week.


Flat Flies 40 X 20, 8
Incline Press 60 X 8, 5
Decline Press 50 X 8, 6
Dips 10, 7
Barbell Curl 105 X 7, 4
1-arm Preacher Curl 30 X 6, 20 X 8
Concentration Curl 20 X 6, 10 X 15
Cross Body Hammer Curl 20 X 8, 10 X 15

I love chest day. I love it because my chest is my weak point. Therefore, I enjoy training it because I know I am making improvements. I am also beginning to love dips. They feel great and provide an excellent stretch.

Tuesday (3/12/02)


Squats 215 X 20
Front Squats 215 X 6
Leg Extension 120 X 15, 12
Standing Leg Curl 50 X 8
Lying Leg Curl 100 X 10, 50 X 10, 100 X 5
Donkey Calf Raises 20, 12, 15

I think my brother gained weight.

Leg day is without a doubt my hardest day. Leg training takes so much out of you. My set of 20 reps on squat is working great. I did this throughout my bulking cycle. I took this out for two weeks, but I knew after those two weeks, I had to bring them back. A set of 20 reps on squats requires incredible mental strength. Your mind is telling you to stop after the 10th rep. You feel like there is no way you can possible do more reps. But you really can. You must push yourself, tell yourself you can do it, and don't stop until you do.

Wednesday (3/13/02)


It was so nice out today, I decided to jump rope outside. I could not pass up this weather. I jumped for 35 minutes.


I decided to do my abs on Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday. This will allow me to focus more on them.

Hanging Leg Raises 20, 12
Rope Crunch 70 X 15, 12
Russian Twist 20 lbs for 3 minutes

Thursday (3/14/02)


I will be uping my carbs by 100 grams every four days. This is to keep my metabolism elevated. Today, I added 2 pieces of whole wheat bread, a banana, and some milk. So I also got some extra protein.

Extra Cardio

Today, I walked around the neighborhood with my dad for about 10 minutes. As the weather gets nicer, I will probably increase this time. I did this at around 7 PM, so it was just getting dark. This gave the walk a rather peaceful mood. I will probably be doing this a few times a week.


People are really noticing that I am tan now. They say "Derek, you got dark." I do not even think I am dark yet though. Today I went for 12 minutes in the stand up bed. This is the longest I've gone for so far and I could definitely tell because it felt like I was standing forever.


Wide Grip Pull Up 13, 6, 5
Reverse Grip Bent Over Row 155 X 6, 6
V-Bar Pulldown 130 X 8, 6
1-arm Row 50 X 12, 10
Barbell Shrug 185 X 10, 12
Dumbbell Shrug 50 X 20
Barbell Forearm curl 165 X 12, 12
Reverse forearm curl 165 X 12, 12

Friday (3/15/02)


I pretty much got all of my posing routine done. I still need to work out some of the poses though.


Military Press 165 X 2, 135 X 6
Side Lateral 30 X 8, 6
Bent Over Cable Lateral 15 X 6, 10 X 8
Upright Row 115 X 13
Scott Press Down 60 X 8, 50 X 8, 40 X 8
1-arm Reverse Pressdown 30 X 6, 20 X 12
Behind the Neck Rope Press 40 X 10

This felt great!

Saturday (3/16/02)

Today I was headed to attend my first bodybuilding contest. To make a long story short, I got into an accident. Totally the other guys fault. I won't get into details, but I am fine and I didn't get to see prejudging.

I returned later that day with my friend for the finals. It was pretty cool. The fitness girls were awesome. I'm talking about the ones that do flips and other acts on stage. There were only about 3 really big guys in the contest. There was only one teen there. I picked up a couple things while there.

Later that day, I showed my friend some poses (he's also a bodybuilder), and he said I could have beat all the guys there except maybe 5 of them. I enjoyed going.


35 minutes on the treadmill. Nothing exciting.

Sunday (3/17/02)

Everything is going well. Today was a very busy day, but I still got anything I needed to do done.


Today I went tanning for 13 minutes in a stand up bed.


35 minutes on the treadmill... again.


Hanging Leg Raise X 20
Rope Crunch 80 X 15
Swiss Ball Leg Raise X 15
Swiss Ball Crunch (Holding 25 lbs. Behing my head) X 12
Wood Chop 20 X 12

I did not have a lot of time to pose this week, but I will definitely be posing a lot next week.

This Week's Observations

There are a lot of crazy drivers out there!

Chewing gum helps fight off the cravings.

I am really starting to notice a different in my appearance. Tanning definitely helps bring out and show your definition.

Ask others for their opinion of your physique.

Attending a contest can be a great learning experience.


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