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Bulking - Week #8!

I've already been bulking for seven weeks. Time sure does fly when you're gaining muscle. Last night, I cooked a whole bunch of food so I would not be tempted to eat junk.

Bulking - Week #8

NOTICE: This is article #8 of this series. Click HERE for the front page.

I’ve already been bulking for seven weeks. Time sure does fly when you’re gaining muscle. Last night, I cooked a whole bunch of food so I would not be tempted to eat junk.

Monday, October 21st

Bench Press 235 X 8, 4
Incline DB press 80 X 5, 4, 4
Machine Press 210 X 7, 4
Cable Flies 40 X 10, 6 30 X 10, 8
Dips 12 ,8, 6

I did not have anyone to spot me today. The first set was fine. On second set though, I had some trouble. I fought the third rep up and wanted one more. I swear I fought that last 4 rep for two minutes. It did go up though.

Tuesday, October 22nd

WG Chin ups 12, 6, 4
Bent Over Row 205 X 6, 5, 5
T-Bar Row 145 X 6, 5, 4
Pulldown 150 X 6, 5 ,4

I felt like my grip was going out way sooner than my back on bent over row. I am going to try using some lifting straps next workout. I’ve never used them before, so we’ll see how that goes.

Wednesday, October 23rd

DB Press 75 X 6, 4, 3
Bent Over Cable Lateral 40 X 8, 6, 6
Side Lateral 35 X 6, 5, 4
Cable Side Lateral 40 X 6, 6
Shrugs 315 X 4, 4, 4, 4
Standing calf raise 200 X 20 300 X 10
Seated calf raise 90 X 20 135 X 12
Calf Press 180 X 20 270 X 15

I just can’t get past the 75's on shoulder DB press. I can get 6 reps, but that last rep is not as solid as I would like. My shoulders were on fire after the side laterals.

Thursday, October 24th

Barbell Curl * Skull Crusher 125 X 6, 4, 5 , 4/ 125 X 6, 5, 5, 4
Reverse Curl * Reverse Pressdown 75 X 6, 4/ 140 X 6, 4
Double Hammer curl * Tricep extension 50 X 6,6 / 50 X 6, 6

An alright arm day. My skull crusher strength went down a couple reps.

Friday, October 25th

I felt like crap all day today. I had been tired all week and I think it finally caught up to me. When I put 225 for squats, which I did for 20 reps last week, I got 6 reps! I was so mad. I still lifted, but I did not keep track of what I did or what weights I used.

Topic Of The Week

Taking A Week Off

I take a week off every 8-10 weeks. This was my 8th week of lifting, which means next week is my week off. After Friday’s leg day, I’m glad it is. Bodybuilding is a very taxing sport. You become worn down physically and mentally. Exercising five days a week and following a strict diet can be very tough on you. By taking a week off, you give yourself a chance to recover.

During your week off, you should relax. Don’t worry about lifting (Yeah right). I know that’s hard to do, but try to give your mind a break. Enjoy a couple cheat meals. Eating foods that you don’t usually eat will ease the stress from following a diet. After a couple days off, you’ll be dying to go back to the gym. After a week off, you will be a new person in the gym. A wild animal waiting to be released from its cage. All you have to do is harness that power.

Weekly Observations

This was a decent week, except leg day. Precooking a large quantity of food was a life saving. I always had my meals right there, ready to eat.

8 Week Observation

On to the good stuff. First we’ll compare my initial measurements to this weeks measurements.

Measurements - Unflexed

Height: 5'10"

Muscle (unflexed)
Week 8
43 7/8
46 1/4
45 7/8
47 1/2
51 1/16
14 3/8
15 1/8
Biceps (flexed)
16 5/8
24 1/2
25 3/4
16 3/4
17 1/16

From my pics, I think I look a lot thicker. I haven’t gained a lot of fat, but I look bloated from holding water.

What I Have Learned So Far

Use smaller weights on upright row. By doing this, you can get a better ROM (range of motion) because the weights won’t hit your elbows.

On Cable Flies crossing the handles at the top is a MUST!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the equipment available to you.

You can get a broader ROM by taking your shoes off for calf exercises.

Do not put extra lower back work before your leg day.

Well, it’s time to me to get some much needed rest. See you in a week.


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