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Derek Bulking Then Cutting Week 34!

I have made some changes to my workout, supplements and diet. Check out my latest measurements and pics to see how I am doing! This is a program that you can follow!

Cutting Cycle - Week #34

NOTICE: This is article #34 of this series. Click HERE for the front page.

Things are going as planned! Check out my new diet, supplement schedule, workouts, measurements and pictures!

Diet and Supplements


My diet has changed again! Click below to check it out.


Supplement Schedule

7:45 AM

1000 mg Vitamin C
400 U.I. Vitamin E
200 mg AST ALA
1 Capsule AST NAC
7.5 grams L-Glutamine (In protein shake)
5 grams Creatine (In protein shake)

9:00 AM

1000 mg Vitamin C
400 I.U. Vitamin E
200 mg ALA
7.5 grams L-Glutamine (In protein shake)
5 grams Creatine (In protein shake)

12:00 PM

1 Multivitamin
1 Proflex

10:00 PM

1000 mg Vitamin C
400 U.I. Vitamin E
200 mg ALA
1 Proflex
5 grams L-Glutamine

10:30 PM

5 grams GABA

I am no liver tabs anymore. All they do is give me is digestive problems. I am not taking Dymetadrine Xtreme at the moment.

Monday, May 12th


Hanging Leg Raise X 12, 12 - View Exercise
Incline Weighted Crunch 45 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Weighted Leg Raise 25 X 8, 8 - View Exercise
Decline Bench Press 280 X 5, 4 - View Exercise
Flat DB Press 100 X 5, 4 - View Exercise
Incline Bench Press 205 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Weighted Dips 75 X 5 - View Exercise

A decent day. Today did not flow how it usually does. Maybe it was because I got up a half hour late. I'm not sure, but I felt off today. Despite this, I was able to increase my weight on decline and incline press.

Tuesday, May 13th


Dumbbell Curl 75 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Tricep Pressdown 110 X 4, 4 View Exercise
Hammer Curl 70 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Reverse Pressdown 100 X 6, 4 - View Exercise
Rope Cable Curl 180 X 6, 6 - View Exercise
Behind Back Rope Extension 130 X 6, 140 X 4 - View Exercise
Leg Press Calf Raise 770 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Seated Calf Raise 215 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Standing Calf Raise 460 X 8, 6 - View Exercise

* I alternate between bicep and tricep exercises.

I increased my weight and/or reps on everything today! I love that feeling of knowing I am progressing. I had mentioned this before, but it's amazing how totally different dumbbell curls feel from barbell curls. While bulking, I stuck with different barbell curls throughout the entire 5 months. This was because I was never too fond of dumbbell curls. But I have been focusing more on the execution of this exercise, and it feels great now. It just goes to show you that things change.


16 minutes of HIIT on Stationary Bike (Lv. 4)
Distance covered: 5.76.

With High Intensity Interval Training, I feel like I am getting a better workout. My heart is beating faster, I am sweating more, and I feel more winded. I described my HIIT workout on week #32 here.

Wednesday, May 14th


Squats 390 X 5, 4 - View Exercise
Front Squats 275 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Stiff Leg Deadlift 305 X 6, 6 - View Exercise
Lunges 185 X 5, 5 View Exercise

I have been stalling on squats lately. It has been very hard for me to make increases. When I make my next routine, I am going to give squats some time off. If you have been reading my journal, you probably noticed that I was up to 315 on stiff leg deadlifts then dropped down to 275. The reason I did this was to focusing more on the execution of the exercise and to make sure I am hitting the hamstrings as much as I can. By doing this, the exercise feels very different. Now I am pulling with the hamstrings throughout the entire exercise. It does not feel like I am using my lower back at all.

Thursday, May 15th


Dumbbell Shoulder Press 90 X 3, 2 - View Exercise
Side Lateral 60 X 8, 6, 4 - View Exercise
Bent Over Cable Lateral 60 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Barbell Shrug 415 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Barbell Shrug Behind The Back NOT DONE TODAY - View Exercise

This was a terrible day! I had no energy. I need a spotter for shoulder db presses because it takes too much energy to get the dumbbells into place and to get the movement started. But, I did not and do not have one. This threw off my entire workout, well, mentally at least.


16 minutes of HIIT on the Bike (Lv: 5)
Distance: 5.76 miles

Friday, May 16th


Deadlift NOT DONE TODAY - View Exercise
Bent Over Row 315 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Bent Over Row (Underhand Grip) 275 X 4, 6 - View Exercise
Lat Pulldown 200 X 6, 210 X 4 - View Exercise
V-Bar Pulldown 200 X 6, 4 - View Exercise
Forearm Curl 190 X 8, 8 - View Exercise
Behind The Back Forearm Curl 190 X 8, 8 - View Exercise
Plate Pinch 2-25's for 10, 5 seconds - View Exercise
Dumbbell Hold (Grip) 120 pound dumbbells for 35 seconds

I incorporated something new into my workout, plate pinches. This is a grip strengthening exercise. What you do is, grab two plates (I choose to 25's) and pinch them together by your sides while standing. I thought that pinching the two 25's would be easy, but it wasn't. This exercise felt great. I will definitely be incorporating it into my routines from now on. My neck is feeling better, so I will be doing deadlifts again next week.

Saturday, May 17th


Sunday, May 18th


16 minutes on Treadmill
Distance covered: 2.01 miles

I haven't been able to match or beat my previous best of 2.08 miles. I must keep trying though.

Weekly Reflection

This was not a strong week. My diet was off throughout the week. I had hunger pangs and would nibble on stuff periodically. This all adds up. If my diet is just a little off, I gain fat. This will not happen again though. I guarantee it. I ended up gaining 2 pounds this week. Not much of it was fat though, as you will see with my caliper measurements. So I am guessing it is mostly water weight.

Caliper Measurements

Measurements are in millimeters.

DATE 3-May 11-May 17-May
Abdomen 5 5 5
Bicep 2 2 2
Calf 2 2 2
Kidney 6.5 6 6
Pectoral 3 4 2
Quadricep 9 7 10
Subscapula 8.5 7 7
Suprailiac 5.5 5 5
Tricep 5 6 5.5
TOTAL 46.5 44 44.5
Bodyweight 195 194 196
Weight change from previous - -1 2
Total/Bodyweight 0.238462 0.226804 0.227041
(Total/Bodyweight)*0.27 0.064385 0.061237 0.061301
((Total/Bodyweight)*0.27)*100 = % Bodyfat 6.438462 6.123711 6.130102
% Bodyfat (Bodyweight) = lbs Bodyfat 12.555 11.88 12.015
Fat change from previous - -0.675 0.135
Bodyweight - lbs Bodyfat = lbs Lean Mass 182.445 182.12 183.985
Lean mass change from previous - -0.325 1.865

Tape Measurements

I also took girth measurements (unflexed) this week.

Weight: 196
Height: 5'10"
Waist: 31 1/2
Chest: 47
Biceps: 15 1/4
Biceps (flexed): 17
Shoulders: 50 �
Thighs: 25 �
Calves: 17 1/8
Calves (flexed): 17 3/4
Forearm: 13 5/8
Forearms (flexed): 15

I will be starting a new routine next week. I will also have new pics. I'd also like to take the time and thank everyone who has been reading my journal and e-mailing me with motivational messages. These are very encouraging.

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