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Cutting Cycle - Week #30!

As I mentioned, I am changing my routine this week. I am going to incorporate some exercises I haven?t done in a while and switch up the order of the exercises I like. Everything else is staying the same.

Cutting Cycle - Week #30

NOTICE: This is article #30 of this series. Click HERE for the front page.

As I mentioned, I am changing my routine this week. I am going to incorporate some exercises I haven't done in a while and switch up the order of the exercises I like. Everything else is staying the same.

Diet and Supplements


Same as before which you can view below.


Supplement Schedule

Exactly the same as last time which you can view here.

Monday, April 14th

I felt like crap by the time I got to the gym.


Leg Lift 35 X 10, 7 - View Exercise
Incline Weighted Crunch 35 X 10, 6 - View Exercise
Reverse Crunch X 10 - View Exercise
Decline Bench Press 275 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Flat DB Press 100 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Incline Bench Press 225 X 4, 185 X 4 - View Exercise
Weighted Dips 60 X 5 - View Exercise

Ab training went smoothly. I was a little hesitant on decline press because I have not done this exercise in awhile and was unsure of what weight to use. I chose 275 and decided to go for it. This was the PERFECT weight to choose because I could only get 4 reps, which is in the targeted 4 to 6 rep range. On flat dumbbell press, I focused on squeezing my pecs during the contraction. 225 was too heavy on incline press. My spotter had to help me with the last 2 reps. I was already fatigued from my first FOUR intense sets, so 225 was too much at that time. I dropped it down to 185 and got 4 reps.

Tuesday, April 15th


Dumbbell Curl 70 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Tricep Pressdown 100 X 6, 4 View Exercise
Hammer Curl 65 X 5, 4 - View Exercise
Reverse Pressdown 100 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Rope Cable Curl 170 X 5, 5 - View Exercise
Behind Back Rope Extension 120 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Leg Press Calf Raise 720 X 8, 8, 6 - View Exercise
Seated Calf Raise 180 X 10, 200 X 6 - View Exercise
Standing Calf Raise 440 X 6 - View Exercise

* I alternate between bicep and tricep exercises.

I have not done DB curls in awhile, but they felt great. I am definitely going to be incorporating them into my routines more. It's amazing how simply switching the order of exercises changes the feel of them. Calf raises on the leg press felt incredible! I had to increase the weight I used by 50 lbs. on them. The funny thing is, I had to increase the weight on the following calf exercises as well.


Stationay Bike for 16 minutes
Distance covered... you guessed it: 5.76. This is indeed as high as the bike will measure for 16 minutes. I talked with another lifter who does MAX-OT cardio, and he also found that 5.76 miles is the highest it will go for 16 minutes, so I know it's not just me. Despite this, I decided to start doing the bike on Tuesday instead of the elliptical machine because the bike taxes my legs less. Since Wednesday is leg day, I do not want to do anything that could interfere with my performance on legs.

Wednesday, April 16th


Squats 385 X 6, 5 - View Exercise
Front Squats 225 X 6, 4 - View Exercise
Stiff Leg Deadlift 275 X 6, 6 - View Exercise
Lunges 185 X 5, 5 - View Exercise

Despite getting my targeted 6 reps on squats, I do not feel comfortable with my execution of these reps. I feel my form could be better on the last rep or two, so I will stay with 385 until I am satisfied with my execution. FRONT SQUATS! I haven't done these in about a year. These felt awesome. I have to find the right position to hold the bar on my shoulders though. As you can see, I dropped my weight from 315 to 275 on stiff leg deadlift. I believe that I lost the feel of the exercise at the weight, so I am lowering the weight and concentrating on the execution of the exercise. Lunges were wicked, enough said.

Thursday, April 17th


Dumbbell Shoulder Press 80 X 5, 5, 4 - View Exercise
Side Lateral 55 X 8, 5 - View Exercise
Bent Over Cable Lateral 50 X 6 - View Exercise
Barbell Shrug 395 X 6, 4 - View Exercise
Barbell Shrug Behind The Back 315 X 8, 6 - View Exercise

Everything flowed well today. Nothing particularly good, but nothing bad. My shrug strength is still climbing. I decided to add behind the back shrugs to hit the traps differently.


16 minutes on treadmill
Distance covered: Before I started this session, I said to myself, I am going to get 2 miles. My previous best was 1.93 miles. I finished with 2.03 miles!

Friday, April 18th


Deadlift 475 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Bent Over Row 295 X 6, 4 - View Exercise
Lat Pulldown 190 X 5, 4 - View Exercise
V-Bar Pulldown 170 X 6, 6 - View Exercise
Forearm Curl 185 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Behind The Back Forearm Curl 185 X 6, 6 - View Exercise

Everything was solid today. Bent over rows felt PERFECT! I have found the perfect form on this exercise. V-Bar pull down also felt great. Forearms were pumped as usual.

Saturday, April 19th


30 minutes of heavy bag work

Sunday, April 20th


16 minutes on the Treadmill
Distance covered: 2.03 miles (tied previous session). This will be tough to beat!

Weekly Reflection

This was a very strong week. I pushed myself in the weight room, I pushed myself on every cardio session, and I pushed myself to follow my diet. I ended this week weighing in at 197 pounds. I loss one pound this week. I am shooting to lose one to two pounds a week, so this is perfect. I am shooting to hit 190 lbs. Therefore in 7 or 8 weeks, I should hit this. Then I will take a week off. As I mentioned, as of right now, I am not entering a contest. But, there is a competition in my area on June 28th. We'll see what happens.

I will have new pictures next week.

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