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Cutting Cycle - Week #26!

I weighed in this morning at 201 lbs. I have consistently been losing 1 to 2 pounds a week which is what I am shooting for. I am very pleased with the way everything has been progressing.

Cutting Cycle - Week #26

NOTICE: This is article #26 of this series. Click HERE for the front page.

Last week went very well. I was able to follow my diet 100%. I do not yet have a set diet on Saturday and Sunday. What I do is stay within my allowed macro nutrient ratios. Since I am allowed 200 grams of carbs and 300 grams of protein, I simply eat different foods, but do not go over those numbers. This serves as a mental break. I will try this approach this weekend and see if it works well. If I do not feel it is working well, I will make a structured diet for those days. The main reason why I do not want to make a set diet for the days is because I do not want to get burned out. Dieting is tough. I shouldn't make it harder than it needs to be.

I forgot to add in last week's article that I weighed 203 pounds at the end of the week.

Diet and Supplements

My diet schedule has been updated again! I am switching up my diet a tiny bit and implementing a carb up day. Click below for my carb up day diet as well as my normal diet.


Supplement Schedule

On Tuesday and Thursday, I subtract 10 grams of dextrose from my pre and post workout shakes and 1 scoop of VP2 from my post workout shake and use it for my pre and post cardio shakes. The shakes consist of:

1/2 scoop VP2
10 grams Dextrose

Right now, I am cycling off of creatine:

7:30 AM

5 grams L-Glutamine
1 Multivitamin
1 AST Proflex
200 mg AST ALA

12:00 PM (Preworkout)

1000 mg Vitamin C
400 U.I. Vitamin E
1 Capsule AST NAC
5 grams L-Glutamine

1:00 (Post Workout)

1000 mg Vitamin C
400 U.I. Vitamin E
1 Capsule AST NAC
5 grams L-Glutamine
200 mg AST ALA

10:30 PM

5 grams L-Glutamine
1 AST Proflex
200 mg AST ALA

Monday, March 10th


Leg Lift 35 X 8, 8 - View Exercise
Incline Weighted Crunch 25 X 10, 8 - View Exercise
Machine Crunch 200 X 6
Incline Bench Press 225 X 6, 4 - View Exercise
Flat DB Press 90 X 5, 4, 4 - View Exercise
Weighted Dips 50 X 5, 4, 4 - View Exercise

I'm going to have to increase my intensity on Chest day. This it is my weak point, I need to make sure I am focusing and increases my strength every week. I increased my reps or weight slightly, but not enough.

Tuesday, March 11th


Barbell Curl 135 X 6, 6 - View Exercise
Incline Lying Press 135 X 6, 6 View Exercise
Ez Bar Curl 135 X 6, 6 - View Exercise
Reverse Pressdown 80 X 6, 6 - View Exercise
Hammer Curl 60 X 4, 6 - View Exercise
Machine Dip 280 X 8, 295 X 7 View Exercise
Seated Calf Raise 180 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Standing Calf Raise 480 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Leg Press Calf Raise 650 X 7, 6

* I alternate between bicep and tricep exercises.

I very intense arm day. I especially liked the machine dips. I was able to increase my reps on every exercise. Increasing either my reps or weight used, or both, is my goal for every workout.


Elliptical for 16 minutes
Distance Covered: 1.57 miles (0.01 more miles than last time)

Wednesday, March 12th


Squats 365 X 6, 375 X 4 - View Exercise
Stiff Leg Deadlift 285 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Leg Press 550 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Lunges 135 X 6, 6 - View Exercise
Leg Curl 250 X 4 - View Exercise

I had some extra energy in me today. I was unstoppable on squats. I decided to stick with 135 on lunges and really focus on the execution of the exercise. My execution felt a lot smoother today. I used a better range of motion and made sure to focus on my legs. The one set of leg curls is just for good measures, to make sure I hit the hamstrings hard.

Thursday, March 13th


Military Press 185 X 6, 4 - View Exercise
Side Lateral 45 X 8, 8 - View Exercise
Bent Over Lateral 45 X 10, 8 - View Exercise
Upright Row 155 X 7, 6 - View Exercise
Barbell Shrug 355 X 6, 4, 4 - View Exercise
Dumbbell Shrugs 120 X 6, 4, 4 - View Exercise

Excellent workout! This was perhaps the hardest shoulder day thus far. I made sure to kill my traps. I was feeling alittle spunky, so I decided to do an extra set of DB shrugs.


16 minutes on treadmill
Distance covered: 1.74 miles

Friday, March 14th


Weighted Pull Ups 50 X 5, 4 - View Exercise
Deadlift 405 X 6, 425 X 5 - View Exercise
Bent Over Row 280 X 6, 4 - View Exercise
T-Bar Row 250 X 4, 4 - View Exercise
Behind The Back Forearm Curl 145 X 8, 6, 6 - View Exercise
DB Forearm Curl 75 X 8, 6 - View Exercise

Deadlifts felt great! Everyone in the gym was watching when I was doing them, so I had some extra motivation. I'm going for 445 lbs. next week. I am beginning to lose the feel of T-Bar rows. At this point, because of the weight I have to use, I do not get as much out of the exercise. Therefore, next week, I will lower the weight I use and concentrate on the execution.

Saturday, March 15th

Usually Saturday is a rest day, but I felt like doing some cardio today.


16 minutes on treadmill
Distance covered: 1.76 miles

Sunday, March 16th


16 minutes on the Elliptical
Distance covered: 1.57 miles

Weekly Reflection

Again, another excellent week. Writing these articles helps me because I know I am reporting what I do. This makes me stick to my diet and constantly push myself in the gym. It was hard eating so many carbs on Monday because I am used to not eating that much. Rice cakes are awesome. The ones I buy are made from brown rice, and that is their only ingredient. I wish I knew about these when I was bulking. I planned on taking pictures today, but was unable to. Here are my measurements for the end of this week.

Weight: 201 lbs.
Biceps: 15.75" (unflexed), 17.25" (flexed)
Thighs: 26.25"
Calves: 18"
Chest: 47.5"

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