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Bulking - Week #15!

I am doing some rotator cuff exercises on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays.

Bulking - Week #15

NOTICE: This is article #15 of this series. Click HERE for the front page.

Diet and Supplements

Same as before.


I am doing some rotator cuff exercises on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays.

Monday, December 16th

Squats 330 X 6, 4, 4 - View Exercise
Stiff Leg Deadlift 245 X 8, 6, 4 - View Exercise
Leg Press 360 X 10, 6, 4 - View Exercise

Ah yes, leg day. So far it's been the only day not effected by an injury (Knocks on wood).

My strength continues to climb on every exercise. I decided to focus more on the big 3 exercises of my routine. I feel that I stimulate my legs more with these and leg extensions and curls are just taking away energy that could be put toward these.

Q: What do you think about working each of your legs separately? Say on leg extension?

A: I feel you can stimulate your legs better by doing them together. You can use more weight, it requires less energy and concentration, and it takes less time.

Tuesday, December 17th

Barbell Curl (View) * Skull Crusher (View) 145 X 6 * 145 X 6
Ez bar curl * Pressdown (View) 135 X 6, 4 * 170 X 9, 180 X 6
Ez Bar Reverse Curl * Rope Pressdown (View) 105 X 6, 6 * 130 X 6, 6
Standing Calf Raise 440 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Seated calf raise 190 X 8, 6 - View Exercise
Leg Press Calf 360 X 10, 6

*My right forearm is still bothering me.

Q: What do you think about the theory that you shouldn't do calves with arms or shoulders because the blood is in those areas instead of your calves?

A: I don't buy it. As long as you are stimulating your calves, you should be find. I put calves with my arms because I did not have the energy yo do them after quads and hams. What do you think is more important, properly stimulating the muscle or working it because the blood is in that area?

Wednesday, December 18th

Military Press 165 X 8, 7 - View Exercise
DB Shoulder Press 65 X 6, 5, 4 - View Exercise
Side Lateral 40 X 6, 4 - View Exercise
Bent Over Cable Lateral 20 X 10, 6 - View Exercise
Shrugs 315 X 6 - View Exercise

*Couldn’t do shrugs due to my forearm.

Q: I recently used a side lateral machine at my gym, and I felt pain when using it. Shouldn't it feel the same as dumbbell side laterals?

A: I've found that side lateral machines put your shoulder in an awkward position. When I first starting working out at this gym, I tried their machine, and I also felt pain in my shoulder. Because of the way most of these machines are set up, once you get close to the top of the movement, the weight shifts from your delts to your rotator cuff. Definitely not a good thing. If something hurts, DON'T DO IT!!!

Thursday And Friday

I decided it would be best to take Thursday and Friday off and start my week off. Plus the gym will be closing for break. This will be some MUCH needed time off.

Q: Why do you take a week off so often?

A: I take a week off every 8 weeks. By about the 6th or 7th week, my heavy training really starts to wear me down. My weeks off serves as a time period of physical recover. Just a time for my body to rest. It also gives me a mental break. Going to the gym day in and day out takes a lot out of you, both physically and mentally. Preparing tons of meals for the week, having a precise supplement schedule, having to eat 8+ times a day all wear down on you. During my week off, I do not have set times when I eat. I also allow myself to eat some cheat meals. This is very refreshing. By the mid point of my week off, I am dying to get back into the gym. When I do get back in the gym, I have renewed strength.

Weekly Reflection

This upcoming week off will be extremely important. I have been plagued with injuries lately. If it isn't one thing, it's another. I am guessing that my injuries cause an imbalance in strength and cause more stress to be placed on another area. Hence the new injuries. So my plan is to rest and HEAL. Training is so much better when you are not fighting off or working around pain.

Though I am frustrated now, I know things will get better. Just remember...

I'll be back (In best Arnold voice).

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