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Bulking - Week #12!

For those who email me and instant message me: Do not take it personally if I do not email you back. I try to answer every email I get, but sometimes I overlook an email.

Bulking - Week #12

NOTICE: This is article #12 of this series. Click HERE for the front page.

For those who email me and instant message me: Do not take it personally if I do not email you back. I try to answer every email I get, but sometimes I overlook an email. If you IM me and I do not answer or say I am busy, do not take it personally. I am doing homework or another important task when I say this. I am not being mean or stuck up, I just have other responsibilities as well.

Diet and Supplements

Same as last week.

Monday, November 25th

Squats 315 X 6, 4, 4
Stiff Leg Deadlift 225 X 8, 6
Lying Leg Curl 170 X 10, 6
Leg Press 300 X 10, 6
Leg Extension 200 X 10, 6

I was able to get over my intended 4-6 reps for every exercise except squats. That just means it’s time to add some weight. I was very pleased with today’s workout. It is extremely motivating now that my squat strength is going up weekly.

Tuesday, November 26th

Barbell Curl * Skull Crusher 145 X 6, 4 * 145 X 6, 4
Ez bar curl * Pressdown 145 X 4, 135 X 4 * 150 X 8, 6
Reverse Curl * Reverse Pressdown 94 X 4, 4 * 150 X 4, 6
Ez Bar Reverse Curl * Rope Pressdown 95 X 6, 6 * 110 X 8, 6
Standing Calf Raise 200 X 30, 20
Seated calf raise 135 X 15, 10
Leg Press Calf 270 X 15

My arms were dead after the first set of barbell curl super-setted with skull crushers. I switched the double hammer curl with reverse curls with the ez curl bar. This gave me close to the same feel as the double hammer curl bar, without the stress on the shoulder.

Q: My elbows always hurt when I do skull crushers. Is there any way to prevent this?

A: Despite the name, skull crusher, the exercise, when done properly, should not be above your skull. When you start the movement, the bar should be a few inches behind your head. Instead of your arms creating a 90 degree angle from your body, it should be about a 45 degree angle. Then when you lower the weight, it will not "crush your skull". It is important to keep your elbows stationary during this movement. Try this technique, it should take some of the pressure off your elbows.

Wednesday, November 27th

Military Press 145 X 5, 4
DB Shoulder Press 65 X 5, 5, 4
Side Lateral 35 X 8, 6, 25 X 6* (Seated, one arm at a time)
Bent Over cable lateral 40 X 10, 6, 4
Shrugs 275 X 8, 6, 4, 4

I was able to squeeze out a couple more reps than last week. Shrugs felt great. Excellent stretch and contraction. I still have not gotten into the groove with military press, so I’ll work on my execution.

Q: What type of grip do you use for shrugs?

A: I grip the bar a little wider than shoulder width apart. Now, instead of holding the bar in my palms, I let the bar move down into my fingers. So basically, I kind of open my hand a little so my fingers are not totally balled up. I feel this grip allows you to place more stress of your traps and less on your hands and forearms. I have been doing this for about a month, and I love it.

Thursday, November 28th

Wide Grip Pull Up X 12, 6, 4
Deadlift 325 X 7, 4, 4
Bent Over Row 215 X 6, 4, 4
T-Bar Row 160 X 6, 4, 4, 180 X 4

I swear, I have gotten 12, then 6, then 4 reps on wide grip pull ups every week. Since my body weight is increased, I am lifting more weight :).

I was lifting with a friend of mine today, and after my last set of T-Bar rows, he said "Let’s get serious! What would Arnold do?" I said, "He’d throw another plate on and do another set!" So I took the 25 lb. plate off and replaced it with a 45 lb. plate. I had four 45 lb. plates on. With renewed strength, I pounded out 4 reps! I had just gotten 4 reps with 160, so how get I get this new strength? It was totally mental. I psyched myself up and went to work.

Q: Why do you always start your back day with pull ups?

A: Wide grip pull ups are a great back exercise. I feel they are a great way to warm up your back. I still do a couple of sets of lat pull downs before the pull ups, but this further get me ready for what lies ahead. Also, there is no way I could preform a decent amount of reps after Deadlifts, Bent Over rows, or T-Bar rows.

Friday, November 29th

Decline Press 225 X 10, 6, 5
Incline DB press 70 X 6, 4, 4
Dips X 10, 6, 6
Cable Flies 40 X 12, 10, 8

I’m back! My shoulder was felling fine. I made sure to properly warm up both my chest and rotator cuffs today. I was able to do every exercise without any pain.

Weekly Reflection

This was a great week. Things are starting to look up again. I will continue to warm up my rotator cuff before every workout session. I did a little pity eating over the two weeks (mostly on Friday) because of my shoulder. I gained some fat from doing this. But, it’s in the past. Here are my pics after 12 weeks of bulking.

Weight: 206 lbs.


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