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Bulking - Week #11!

I am going to incorporate a new feature where I answer a question, that was asked of me, related to each training day. If you have a question about why I do a certain thing, or a general training question, feel free to email me.

Bulking - Week #11

NOTICE: This is article #11 of this series. Click HERE for the front page.

I am going to incorporate a new feature where I answer a question, that was asked of me, related to each training day. If you have a question about why I do a certain thing, or a general training question, feel free to email me at

Diet and Supplements

Same as last week.

Monday, November 18th

Squats 305 X 6, 4, 4
Stiff Leg Deadlift 225 X 6, 6
Lying Leg Curl 170 X 10, 6, 4
Leg Press 290 X 8, 6, 4
Leg Extension 185 X 10, 9

My squat strength is finally starting to kick back up. Watch out, 400 lbs. isn’t too far away. I decided to lower my weight on stiff leg deadlifts because I felt I was working my lower back and grip more than my hamstrings. By lowering my weight, I was able to get a better stretch and contraction.

A few people have asked:

Q: Why do you do hamstrings before quads? Most people do quads first.

A: It’s very true that most people do quads first. It is also true that most people have flat, under developed hamstrings. The reason for their lack of development is due to the poor effort, or lack there of, put into hamstrings. After I get done with quads, my legs are toast. I don’t feel like pounding another muscle group. But, when I do hams first, I am able to totally concentrate on them and still have enough energy to finish off quads.

After examining my contest pics, I noticed that my hamstrings looked very flat and undefined. Therefore I decided to focus more on them during the off-season.

Tuesday, November 19th

Barbell Curl * Skull Crusher 135 X 6, 6 * 135 X 6, 6
Ez bar curl * Pressdown 135 X 6, 6 * 130 X 8, 4
Reverse Curl * Reverse Pressdown 85 X 6, 5 * 150 X 5, 6
Double Hammer Curl * Rope Pressdown 50 X 6 * 110 X 6
Standing Calf Raise 200 X 25, 15
Seated calf raise 135 X 15, 10
Leg Press Calf 270 X 18

I think that the double hammer curl is putting stress on my shoulder. The way your hands are positioned puts your shoulders at a rough angle during the eccentric part of the movement. I am going to take it out of the routine.

Q: What is your favorite biceps exercise?

A: My favorite biceps exercise is the barbell curl. This exercise is, in my opinion, the best mass builder for the biceps. You can use a lot of weight, compared to other bicep exercises, it provides an excellent range of motion, and it stimulates the entire bicep.

Wednesday, November 20th

Military Press (Smith Machine) 100 X 4, 3
DB Shoulder Press 65 X 5, 4, 4
Side Lateral 35 X 6, 4, 25 X 4*(Seated, one arm at a time)
Bent Over cable lateral 40 X 10, 6, 4
Shrugs 275 X 6, 6, 4, 4

Military press on the smith machine felt TERRIBLE! Scratch that movement. On the last set of side laterals, I decided to sit and do one arm at a time. This really focuses all attention on the deltoid and keeps you from cheating.

Q: I notice you always use cables for bent over laterals. What advantage does using cables for bent over laterals have over using dumbbells?

A: Using cables allows you to place constant tension on your rear delts. When using Dbs, the bulk of the tension put on the rear delts is at the top of the movement. By using cables, you have to pull from the very start, which immediately puts the rear delt under attack.

Thursday, November 21st

Wide Grip Pull Up X 12, 6, 4
Deadlift 325 X 5, 4, 4
Bent Over Row 210 X 6, 6, 5
T-Bar Row 150 X 6, 6, 4

I’m speechless about back day. Back day has been the most productive and consistent day since I started bulking. Every week my strength goes up and every week my exercise execution gets better.

Q: What type of grip do you recommend for T-Bar rows? Close? Wide?

A: The width at which you preform this movement depends on what other exercises you do in your routine. For example, I do bent over rows with a wide grip (A little wider than shoulder width). Therefore, I use a close grip on T-bar rows. The movement would basically be the same as bent over rows if I used the same grip.

I grab the two straight handles. This gives me an awesome stretch and really hits the outer lats.

Friday, November 22nd

My shoulder is feeling better, but I just did some dumbbell work and machines. I am going to try to lift heavier next week.

Weekly Reflection

Every day is a learning process. With each workout, I learn something new. If I don’t write down what I learn, I may forget it. Here is a list of what I’ve learned.

Movements I do not like:

Military Press on smith machine
Incline Cable Flies
Double Hammer Curl
Dumbbell Pullovers
Skull Crushers with straight bar
Machine Adductor (Ouch)

I will have new pics next week.

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