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Derek Charlebois’ 2006 Competition Journal - Weeks 1 & 2!

I am currently aiming to enter the NPC Michigan Bodybuilding Championships on May 20th. This will be an ongoing journal which will show my training plan and how well I progress. Check it out!

Instead of listing my daily workouts, I will be focusing more I what I am learning as I diet and train for my coming competition.

Vegetables are Vital for Success

I have never been fond of vegetables, except for Chinese chicken and broccoli. When I started this diet, Chuck wanted me to eat spinach with my meal #1. I have had spinach in the past and was not too fond of it. So I sucked it up and bought some frozen leaf spinach, cooked it, ate it, and actually liked it!

I guess pop-eye was right all along, spinach is good stuff. Now the only vegetable I eat is spinach, which is a wonderful vegetable to like considering all of the nutrients it holds. Eating spinach with every other meal keeps me full and satisfied; I do not feel hungry at all on this diet.

Dealing with Injuries

I have two minor nagging injuries: my left iliotibial band and left elbow have been bothering me. Due to these two injuries, I have not been able to squat or bench heavily. Therefore, I am switching up my workout routine (which I will post in the next article) to work around these injuries and exercises.

Squats and bench press are two of my favorite exercises because they are great compound exercises that really allow you to test your strength.

Don't Drink your Dietary Fat, Eat It!

Bodybuilders often use flax seed oil, olive oil, etc. to get there required essential fatty acids. I highly recommend eating almonds or almond butter and 100% natural peanut butter to obtain your EFA.

When you are cutting it is bad enough you are on a restricted food list, so why decrease the amount of food you get to chew by drinking fat oils? I don't know about you, but when I diet there comes time when I just want to actually chew on food (when bulking this is done with carbs). Switching to eating foods to get your required fats is much more enjoyable than drinking your fats.

Stats Weeks Out: 19 18 17 DATE 1/8 1/15 1/22 Pectoral 4 4 3 Abdomen 6 5 5 Quadricep 8 7 7 TOTAL 18 16 15 Bodyweight 215 213.5 212 Weight change from previous - -1.5 -1.5 Weight change from beginning - -1.5 -3 Electronic Bodyfat Percentage 4.3 3.6 3.3 % Bodyfat 7.3 6.6 6.3 lbs Bodyfat 15.695 14.091 13.356 Fat Mass change from previous - -1.604 -0.735 Fat Mass change from beginning - -1.604 -2.339 % Lean Mass 92.7 93.4 93.7 lbs Lean Mass 199.305 199.409 198.644 Lean Mass Change from Previous - 0.104 -0.765 Lean Mass Change from beginning - 0.104 -0.661

I am losing 1.5 lbs a week, which is great. Once my fat loss stalls, I will adjust me diet.