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Eye Of The Tiger!

Bodybuilding gives you that extra energy which allows you to endure strenuous work while most other people are still in bed.

Beep, Beep, Beep. You are awakened by your alarm clock. You roll over and see it is 5:30 a.m. An hour and a half to two hours before you have to go to school. The first thing you do is go into the kitchen and down a protein shake along with some vitamins. Now you put on some sweats and prepare to do some cardio. Your body is not fully awake yet, but your mind is. Your mind is pushing you. Telling you to get off you butt and exercise. Pictures of what you strive to become flash through your mind. Giving you that extra energy which allows you to endure strenuous work while most other people are still in bed. This is what sets you apart from the average Joe. The eye of the tiger!

Not many people are willing to get up an hour early in order to run on a treadmill. In fact, they would think you were crazy for doing it. They would say, "Why would I get out of bed to exercise?" The same goes for nutrition. Ask the average person if they would rather eat a cheese burger or a chicken breast and they will most likely go with the burger. Who would consider passing up a slice of cake? A true bodybuilder that's who. What is more rewarding, eating something that tastes good or creating the body you've always wanted. If you find yourself tempted in a situation like this, think "Will my actions have a positive or negative effect on what I am trying to achieve?" In most cases, the answer is pretty obvious. What makes a bodybuilder shun unhealthy practices, go to bed early, and push their body? It is the desire to better themselves. The desire to strengthen every muscle in their body. The thought of going to the beach once you've bettered your physique. All of these things make following a strict routine just that, a routine.

Bodybuilding is a major confident booster. Most people walk with their heads down and are ashamed of their body. Bodybuilding gives you power in you stride. Pride in yourself. When you walk, you hold your head up high! Most bodybuilders do not feel timid or intimidated by others. They know they have worked hard and because of that, they are a better person. Bodybuilding produces a natural high, a feeling of delight. A prime example of this for me is doing barbell curls. After each rep, my arms get more tired than before. Then when it feels like I have reached a point where my arms should not be able to perform another rep, I push myself and go for another. If that goes well, I'll go for another. By this time, I am totally pumped. My arms are swollen, in a good way. My fire within has been set ablaze and now I want more. I continue my workout, increasing the pump and mental enlightenment. When it is all over, I feel satisfied. There is no greater feeling than knowing you pushed yourself to the limit and the workout was a success.

I hear people say "Don't you get tired of washing out your blender and preparing your food in advance?" Obviously the person asking this is not a bodybuilder. Washing out a blender, which takes a whole five seconds, is well worth the time and effort if it means muscle gain. Some people just are not willing to put forth the extra effort to take their training and diet to the next level. There is nothing difficult about packing a sandwich or bringing along tuna in a container. I guess it is too much for some.

Bodybuilding requires much more than physical strength. It requires an iron will and an unlimited desire to better yourself. It requires the stamina to go for those extra reps when you feel you muscles are wasted. It requires the power to shun the unhealthy foods that surround you at every turn. The might to push your body to the limit day in and day out. The thirst for knowledge to better your mind. Bodybuilding is much more than just lifting a heavy bar. Some people will never understand that.

I encourage you to set new goals, break through boundaries, prove people wrong, and better yourself. There is nothing stopping you from achieving your goals except yourself. If you do not have the mental strength to wash a blender everyday or turn down unhealthy food. Your goals will just be goals, and never will be broken. Continue to strive to make improvements and do not let anyone tell you that you cannot succeed.

~Derek Charlebois~