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Derek's Supplement Review.

Derek's Supplement Review on all best supplements and more.

Higher Power Nighttime Formula ZMA
Higher Power's Nighttime formula ZMA is designed to help you sleep plus give you the other benefits from taking ZMA.

What I Noticed
The first week I started taking ZMA, I was knocked out. I fell asleep very quickly and I stayed asleep throughout the night. From the second week on, I did not fall asleep as quickly. I also did not sleep as well as I did the first week.

While taking ZMA, I only got a few pimples on my back. Nothing big. At first I thought it would cause more acne because of what people say, but it didn't. After the first week, the acne that I had developed had disappeared. I did not experience any other problems with acne.

My lifts have been going up every week. I do not credit the ZMA for this though, because my lifts went up every week when I was not taking ZMA.

I feel ZMA is a very good product. Do not be frightened about developing a couple pimples. The pimples are proof that you have experienced a rise in your testosterone levels. ZMA is a great product definitely worth the money.

To learn more about ZMA, check out:

Optimum Nutrition's Whey
Optimum Nutrition's whey was the first whey I ever took. After trying other brands, I returned to it. Optimum's protein is a great protein, especially for the price. I have tried vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mint chocolate. The best tasting is by far Mint Chocolate, followed by chocolate, strawberry, then vanilla. The mint chocolate flavor taste just like mint chocolate chip ice cream when you put it in milk. If you use this protein, I recommend using a blender. If you don't, your shake will be very chunky.

AST's Micronized Creatine
I have had great results with AST's micronized creatine. During the loading phase, I usually put on between five and ten pounds (water weight). It mixes with a couple turns of a spoon. I highly recommend this over AST's HSC. Their 4-pound tub of HSC has a little more than 200 grams of creatine in it for $28 (At Compared to their 1000 grams for about $30. After applying Big Cat's theory about waiting about 15 minutes after taking creatine before creating an insulin spike, their HSC is pointless.

Universal's Desiccated Liver
It is hard to say what effect taking has had, but I have noticed my recovery time is shorter than usual.

Review of Big Cat's Mass Stack
In Big Cat's Stack article (, he recommends a very good mass stack. This stack includes:

  • Multi-vitamin
  • Desiccated Liver
  • Vitamin C
  • B-Complex
  • Creatine
  • ZMA
  • Weight Gainer
I trust Big Cat's judgment, so I decided to give this stack a try. Here are the brands I used:
  • Mulit-Vitamin~Centrum
  • Desiccated Liver~Universal's Uni-Liver
  • Vitamin C~Generic
  • B-Complex~Generic
  • Creatine~AST's Micronized
  • ZMA~ Higher Power's ZMA Nighttime Formula
  • Weight Gainer~ I did not use a weight gainer, I used Optimum Nutrition's Protein and added milk and honey.

    Supplement Schedule

  • 6:30 AM~ 5 grams of creatine
  • 6:45 AM~1 scoop Optimum Nutrition's Whey, 1 multi-vitamin, 500 mg vitamin C, and 5 liver tabs
  • 12:30 PM~ 1 B-complex, 500 mg vitamin C, 5 liver tabs
  • 4:30 PM (Post workout)~ 5 grams creatine
  • 4:45 PM~Protein Shake, 500 mg vitamin c, 5 liver tabs
  • 6:45 PM~ 1 multi-vitamin
  • 9:00 PM~ 3 caps of ZMA
What I have noticed:
While on this stack, the main thing I have noticed is that I'm not as sore as long as I usually am. After an intense chest day, my chest is usually sore for four or five days. While on this stack, it is sore for one, maybe two days.

I have noticed, that when it is time for my workout, I always have energy. I do not feel tired or lazy. This could be due to my sleeping patterns. The ZMA helps me get a good night's rest.

Supplements should be used as a secondary to proper nutrition and rest. It is easy to become under the belief that supplements is what gives you gains. Without a balanced diet and a good night's rest, you are not going to make great gains. So if your diet is not what it should be, take sometime to evaluate it before you get too worried about supplements. One supplement that should always be on your list though is a multi-vitamin because you do not want to become deficient in any vitamin. Being deficient will hinder your gains.